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Get the Look: Italian Suiting on a Budget Achieve Pitti Uomo style for a lot fewer pennies

We are firm believers that a great-looking outfit has no need to break the bank. We know that there are suits out there that cost as much as a downpayment on a nice car, and shoes that are the financial equivalent of a brand new TV (and a couple movie rentals, too). If your budget allows for such purchases, by all means, go for it. However, for those that would rather not, there are other options. Luckily, the world of fashion tends to have alternatives for every budget tier. All one has to do is look. Being amidst men’s fashion week, we decided to provide a more budget-friendly version of a look from GQ. It’s a very nonchalant business casual look. The man sporting the outfit was pictured at one of the most stylish and important menswear events in the world, Pitti Uomo.

Like we mentioned, if your budget allows for it, splurge for GQ’s recommended pieces. As you start developing your wardrobe, odds are you will develop financially, too. You’ll begin to invest more in yourself and the items that you purchase. Ideally, you should splurge on essential pieces (like classic suits), and save on statement pieces, because these tend to ebb and flow with trends and seasons.

two budgets, one look – pitti uomo

Textured Yellow Heather Crew Neck, Old Navy, $19.99

Circle Indie Sunglasses, ZeroUV, $9.99


Trendy Round Retro Sunglasses for Women, UV400 Vintage Horn Rimmed Neutral-Colored Lens 52mm (Tortoise/Green)

Trendy Round Retro Sunglasses
  • 100% Protection Against Uv400
  • Classic Round Retro Style:
  • Versatile Circle Lens Frame

Leather Driving Gloves, Amazon, $34.99

Ambesi Mens Open Back Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Ambesi Men’s Open Back Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

  • Deerskin Leather
  • Pull On closure
  • Made of deerskin leather

Striped Chevron Scarf,, $25.00

White Acrylic White Seattle Striped Knit Scarf 240531 505 1280 0

White Seattle Striped Knit Scarf

Conquer wind, rain, and snow with the chevron striped Seattle scarf. This staple patterned scarf features white and black alternating chevrons in a woolen texture that you’ll never want to go without. Wrap up in comfort and warmth and go forth with your day immune to winter’s chill.

Havana Brown Slim Fit Suit (pant + jacket), Suit Supply, $499

For those of us with more frugal budgets, we assembled essentially the same outfit for a fraction of the price. A quarter of the price, actually. We chose this outfit based on its situational versatility. It’s a great winter outfit that you can take from the office to dinner with ease. Although the bright yellow sweater can be a little overwhelming, the lighter-colored suit hones it back in and complements the color well. A suit like this can also lend itself well to a veritable amount of other ensembles. Combined with a white shirt and a nice tie, your business attire options are endless. Or, change up the color of the sweater and another business casual outfit is within reach. The gloves add a sense of timelessness to this outfit. We understand they’re not useful in all types of weather, but they are a nice, refined touch if you want to go that route. The patterned scarf serves to add another dimension in terms of pattern and texture into the mix (and keep you warm, to boot). Finally, in terms of the glasses, we opted out of the wayfarer shape, but kept the tortoise pattern. The round pair we chose makes the look even more retro, and brings the whole look together nicely.

Keep in mind that although we suggest these five pieces as an outfit, they can also serve as very versatile separates. So, even if the lump sum of them seems like a lot, it isn’t just one outfit you’re spending on. Rather, think of this as the foundation for many other classy outfits to come.

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