The Knit Tie: Why You Need One, How to Wear One Ditch your garden-variety ties and opt for this iconic style instead

If you’re looking to spice up your look without the burn, then look no further. Whether you’re at the office or happy hour with friends, the knit tie is a natural addition to any outfit. It adds a dash of boldness without being too loud, so you sport this style with style and confidence.

Don’t think it’s a style you can pull off? We’ve given you some tips on what you need to know to rock one and why it’s the best style to try on for size.

How to Rock a Knit Tie

The Right Knot

Knit ties tend to come in a slimmer width and also more malleable fabrics — you’re not going to be able to tie all the same knots you would with a standard silk or cotton variety. We recommend a smaller knot like the four-in-hand or simple knot. This will let the knit tie shine and won’t leave your knot looking too large for the width of the tie.

The Right Collar

With a smaller knot comes a need for a more purposeful collar. The straight collar or button-down are two staples you probably have in your closet. They have narrower spreads, which are better for small knots. Steer clear of the spread or cutaway collar — their wider styles won’t frame your knit tie as well.

How to Pair It

No matter where you’re heading, the knit tie’s versatile style can pull together your look in a variety of situations. Pair one with a denim jacket & jeans for a twist on a neutral look, or with your favorite suit for an equally stylish ensemble. You’ll be surprised at how something so small can elevate your style to the next level.

Why Wear One


We get it. Ties can make you feel overdressed — especially if you’re the only one wearing one. However, the pliant material of the knit tie makes it an easy-going piece, so best believe that it will follow your every move without the hassle. The next time you’re running late for work, you can depend on a knit tie to make you look a little more put-together.

Pair one with a denim jacket & jeans for a twist on a neutral look, or with your favorite suit for an equally stylish ensemble.

Rich Texture

With its finely-woven fabric, the deep texture of the knit tie adds the right amount of boldness to any outfit. However, the best part is not only in what meets the eye but also what’s found with the touch of your fingertips. Knit styles couldn’t be softer. Whether you go with an eye-catching solid or a classic print, the tactile nature of this tie is guaranteed to make a statement.


Unlike other styles, knit ties are wrinkle-resistant and ready for travel. They make champion accessories when you’re on-the-go, so toss a few in your carry-on for your next trip. They won’t have creases when you arrive and you’ll automatically upgrade your vacation style or impress the out-of-town client you’re pitching to.

A Tip Worth Taking

We live by the saying “it’s all in the details” — and the square end of knit ties is one of our favorites. The modern shape of the square end adds a flattering element that is appealing to the eye. This detail adds a small, but noteworthy touch that will take any look from ordinary to extraordinary.

It’s Knit

We’ve made our argument. Give these style boosters a shot and you’ll probably find yourself coming back for more. We don’t blame you. After all, it’s hard to resist something that makes you look this good.

Love knit ties? Hate ’em? Let us know in the comments.