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Meggings & Mantyhose: Would You Wear Them? This trend isn't just for ladies anymore

First there was the “murse” (man purse), and now we have  meggings and mantyhose. Yes, the introduction of polyester and nylon in men’s bottoms is a trend that’s sweeping Europe and flooding into the U.S. as you read this. It’s not a new one though; think back to the 1970s when David Bowie was crawling around the stage in tights, and the 1980s when you couldn’t go more than five minutes watching MTV without getting an eyeful of packed spandex!

Stryper Hair Metal Spandex

Mantyhose are taking it up a notch further. Emilio Cavallini’s online boutique offers these pieces in skull and star prints with matching “his and hers” sets.


Emilio Cavallini

Apparently most guys are wearing these under under ripped jeans or under shorts. Upon first spotting this trend, my immediate reaction was to just shake my head and chalk it up as another flash in the pan, only adopted by the likes of Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz. Never did I expect to see someone actually rocking meggings in the streets. Actually, my first reaction was to point him out and mention how cool he looks.

Now bear with me guys –  it’s not like this dude was wearing a pair of tights and a women’s tunic. He layered the meggings with a pair of black shorts, black boots and an old concert t-shirt. It was something different and eye-catching. I appreciated his attempt to incorporate the trend into his otherwise rugged ensemble.

I’m continuously getting more adventurous with my own style, although I’m still not convinced about this whole meggings/mantyhose thing. What do you make of the trend?

Here are a few snapshots of how the modern man is wearing it:

Agnes-B - Right Way
Kapow Meggings Metallic Velvet Special Material Mens Leggings

Kapow Meggings Metallic, Velvet & Special Material Men’s Leggings

  • Denim Blaze leggings: The meanest jeggings on the block. Black denim lend leggings with an ombre rainbow wash
  • Kapow Special Fabrics: From holographic glitter to ombre wash denim, our special range fabrics are durable polyester / nylon blended with spandex for 4-way stretch.

Agnes B.

Givenchy! Yes!


The right way!

Robert Geller

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