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Men’s Bracelets: The Complete Key To Mastering Ornate Wristwear Here's the right way to decorate your wrists

Mens bracelets are a tasteful sign of originality. This creative accent is less common than the wristwatch, and more versatile. While the watch can function as a status symbol, bracelets possess a trace of romance, delivering self-expression through artful detail.

If you haven’t experimented with this standout accessory, we’ve dissected the looks you need to try:

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Mens Bracelets: Leather

Mens Bracelets Leather
Charles Etoroma

Jstyle Mens Vintage Leather Wrist Band Brown Rope Bracelet Bangle

  • Comfort Fit Design.

Leather bracelets are informal, a little rough-edged and wild. Wear them with tee shirts, button downs and casual blazers. When it comes to leather bracelets, the more well-worn the better. You want your bracelet to seem as if it’s withstood a few adventures: crowd surfing a German music festival, trekking the Himalayas, camel riding through the Sahara. The leather around your wrist hints at spontaneity.

Mens Bracelets: Beaded

Mens Bracelets Beaded
Parker Whitson

Beaded bracelets suggest a bohemian vibe. Wear them with turtlenecks, deep Vs, and loose-fitted light fabrics. You’ll appear keenly sensitive, maybe even spiritually awakened. Try sandalwood, onyx, or colored Murano glass. If worn correctly, beaded bracelets lend a poetic inkling that’s more Anthony Bourdain than wearer-of-man-buns.

Mens Bracelets: Wrapped

Mens Bracelets Wrapped

Wrap bracelets are complex. Not in an overly complicated way, but in an optimally designed way. They look cool. Wear wrap bracelets with short to mid-length sleeves so that they can be seen. And trust us, wrist bulge beneath long sleeves is not a good look.

Wrap bracelets are inherently layered, so go with a layered look and combine them with other wrist pieces.

Mens Bracelets Gold Link Chain
Gold City

Mens Womens Cuban Link Bracelet Hip Hop Bracelet Gold Chain Bracelet Iced Out Curb Cuban 18k Gold Plated Bracelet With Clear Rhinestones

  • High polish surface
  • comfortable to wear
  • Great electroplated craft

Whether in gold or in silver, link chains have a commanding presence. Maybe it’s the weight, or maybe the glint, but they just look powerful in a nonchalant way. Here’s where “ice” would be an appropriate term. Wear link chain bracelets with formal clothing, or pair a thin chain with a watch. Don’t overdo the size of this ornate piece; you’ll run the risk of looking gaudy.

Mens Bracelets: Charmed

Mens Bracelets Charms
The Accessory Outfitters

Charmed bracelets tell a story. They’re a spice of animated fun. Like a graphic tee, bracelets with charms are best paired with trendy formal wear in order to avoid looking too casual or childish. You want a playful flair, not a glaring punchline. Some of our favorite charms include Buddha heads, cheetahs, owls, and skulls.

Mens Bracelets: Cuffs

Mens bracelets cuff from tiffany's

Cuffs have the most classic and formal aesthetic. These bracelets are similar to watches in the way they should be cared for. Always remove cuffs when showering or sleeping, and remember to keep them polished. When wearing metal, it should be sleek. Avoid bulky bands that look clumsy and outdated.

It’s crucial to have a perfectly-fitted cuff so that it can be put on and taken off without stressing the metal.

Mens Bracelets: String

Mens Bracelets String and rope
Rumi Sumaq

Surfer String Bracelet for Men Blue Gray White w Hematite Stones Handmade Woven Rope Adjustable Gift for Guy by RUMI SUMAQ

  • Unisex Adjustable String Bracelet
  • Handmade On Martha’s Vineyard
  • Top Rated Surfer String Bracelet

Similar to the beaded bracelet, string bracelets are esoteric and somewhat mystical. They evoke symbolism, even if there isn’t any. Perhaps it’s because red string bracelets have been associated with Kabbalah and Buddhism. Anyway, string bracelets are a delicate and casual accessory, best worn with informal button downs or henleys. Experiment with different colors and pair them with other pieces of casual wristwear.

Mixing Wristwear

Mixing Mens Bracelets by Stacking

Mixing bracelets can be an art. Feel free to combine leather, string, small beads and thin chains. Though make sure not to occupy more than a third of the forearm. Any bracelet can pair with a watch on the same wrist, as long as the colors are cohesive. Metal cuffs don’t mix well with other bracelets, so they should be worn on their own or with only a watch.

Now that you’ve embarked on a journey to master this pivotal accessory, go forth and conquer. The beautiful thing about men’s jewelry is that it’s not a necessity. By wearing a bracelet, you’ve chosen to enhance your presentation. You’re a man with impeccable attention to finer detail.

Which bracelet looks were your favorite and least favorite? Let us know below

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