Product Review: Beard Care, Mustache Wax & More from Bath Sabbath Heavy metal bath and body products for the manly man

Bath Sabbath beard and mustache wax

Based in Glendora, California, Bath Sabbath is a quickly growing Etsy shop that describes itself as “Heavy Metal Bath and Body.” This men’s and unisex body care brand carries hand-crafted products inspired by metal music and Norse mythology. Shop owner and operator Virginia Giordano was nice enough to send The GentleManual a sampling of Bath Sabbath’s most popular products.

Odin Beard Conditioner Oil & Loki Mustache Wax

Bath Sabbath: Odin Beard Oil & Conditioner and Loki Moustache Wax

Named after the bearded Norse gods Odin and Loki, this facial hair care set is Bath Sabbath’s best seller.

Duncan Hills Coffee Soap in “Cup of Blackened Blood”

Bath Sabbath: Duncan Hills Coffee Soap
This soap has a great scent. It is a strong smell of freshly brewed coffee, warmed up with appealing vanilla and “hints of cinnamon and cream.” This 4 oz., dark black, puck-shaped soap is hand-made with real coffee grounds for anti-inflammatory benefits and as a gentle exfoliant.

It also contains activated charcoal which is a natural detoxifier. This soap is great because it has a rough side and a smoother side so you can choose the level of exfoliation. The charcoal gives the creamy suds a cool looking black tint. The Duncan Hills soap leaves your skin feeling energized with a tingly awake sensation. I would definitely use this again.

Happy Little Boozer

Bath Sabbath: Happy Little Boozer, Beer Can Soap
When I first took this crushed beer can soap out of its packaging, it smelled like a beer pong table soaked with a sticky layer of PBR. After a while, the scent became a little milder and sweeter. I left it sitting out on my desk overnight and I was worried my coworkers were going to think it was me!

While I wouldn’t recommend using it seriously, its unique color, shape, and smell would make it a great gag gift.

Fragrance Oils

Bath Sabbath Fragrance Oils

Along with beard care and soaps, Bath Sabbath has a great collection of natural fragrance oils. Mixed with a base of “nourishing jojoba oil, rice bran, apricot kernel, sunflower oils and Vitamin E,” these scents are specifically formulated to be used on skin. (All scents are also available in soap form.) Some of my fellow GentleManual staffers weighed in on a sampling of this unique scent collection.

After trying out these unique and effective body care products, we can attest to the shop’s 5-star customer rating. Shop Bath Sabbath’s full collection of products here.