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Men’s Haircuts 2018: Your Primer to 7 Trendy Cuts Your guide to getting the right hair cut

Everyone wants a stylish haircut. The gap between what you want and what you actually end up with is usually pretty disheartening. This is especially the case for steering into men’s haircut trends. So if you’re looking to get the best in men’s haircuts 2018 and beyond, then we’ve got your back (or should I say your head). Here are seven of the fantastic choices for you to rock all year long.

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The Fade Haircut

The Fade Haircut for Men's Haircuts 2018

The fade has been a favorite for a few years now and the style is still going strong. Why? Because it just looks so damn good.

A fade is when you take the back and sides of your hair from shorter to longer as it reaches your crown. There are tons of variations from skin fade, to undercut, to high, mid and low fades and all the way to the bald fade. Fades are usually done with clippers but the scissor fade is something to look into. it’ll still frame your face nicely but looks less aggressive than the result that comes from clippers.

Fades work great with side parts, quiffs, pompadours, and fauxhawks. So if you’re wondering if a fade will work for your hair, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, it’ll look very good. Not only is the style flattering for just about everyone, but it’s also a look that’ll work with any hair type.

Crop Haircut

The Crop Haircut for Men's Haircuts 2018

The crop haircut is a great choice for men’s hairstyles in 2018. It’s masculine, messy and carefree. Thus invoking the best of the just rolled out of bed vibes. The look itself is short and textured. Your barber will achieve this look with their trusty pair of scissors and maybe a texturing tool. They can also do it with clippers so make sure you specify what look you’re going for. Our favorite is the scissored crop.

Much like the fade, crop haircuts work with just about every hair type. They add texture and volume to fine hair and wrangle in thick hair. The only exception here is curly hair. This cut just won’t work for it.

Styling this is pretty low maintenance. Since it’s so short, a bit of product and some sea salt spray will do the job.

The Traditional

The Traditional Men's Haircut 2018

The traditional cut can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For us, a traditional men’s haircut in 2018 is a classy look without too much deviation from how your hair naturally wants to look. That means nothing too short and your hair is at generally the same length all around. Sides can be a little shorter but nothing as tight as say a fade. If you’re looking for a medium length haircut, you can’t go wrong here.

Side-parts and pompadours hairstyles are great for traditional men’s haircuts. There’s enough length to create volume but not too much that you’re adding another foot to your height.

The great thing about the traditional men’s haircut is it doesn’t require you to visit the barber every two weeks. Let this one grow out.

The Long Slicked-Back Hair Cut

Slicked Back Haircut for Men's Haircuts 2018

This look is two parts, the cut, and the styling. The slicked-back look has been cool for ages and it’s not going anywhere (except for maybe on your head). It brings on the rebel, outsider look but is still undoubtedly modern.

Growing your hair out for this is important. The look makes a seriously badass statement when there’s a bit of length to it.

This style works best for fine or thick, straight hair. Take note that fine and thinning hair are two different things. If you’re a bit thin up top, skip this one at all costs. The slick-back look will only accentuate the problem.

Styling wise a great pomade is all you need. Besides getting all your hair under control, it’ll have some nice shine.

The Ceaser Haircut

The Caesar Haircut for Men's Haircuts 2018

The Caesar haircut came from, you guessed it, Julius Ceasar, himself. Well, actually I don’t know that but the haircut did gain popularity in ancient Rome. The shortcut, styled forward with straight cut bangs was considered more civilized than the unruly hair of barbarian tribes.

The men’s Caesar haircut is the epitome of low-maintenance and timeless. Instead of just men’s haircut trends of 2018, think men’s haircut trends of 54 B.C.

The cut works well with all hair types. It’s especially good for men with thinning hair. You do need to take your face shape into account more with this one though. The Caesar cut is ideal with diamond, square, oval and triangle faces. Guys with round or heart-shaped heads should avoid it. The look will enlarge the foreheads on heart-shaped guys and only further round out you round-head shaped fellows.

This look is also good for older men’s hairstyles. It adds maturity while still being stylish. That’s not to say though that it wouldn’t look good on pretty much everyone, because it definitely does.

The Flow Haircut

Men's Flow Haircut for Men's Haircuts 2018

Ever want to have hair like Fabio? Maybe it’s been your dream to be the male version of Rapunzel. Well, granted you have the right genetics, that dream can become a reality. Men’s long hairstyles are becoming more and more popular in 2018. Gone are the days of the awfully stupid man-bun. Long hairstyles for men are all about being relaxed and flowy.

Obviously, this look takes some commitment. Growing out a mane is no easy task. Not only does it take some enviable genes, it requires a constant routine of maintenance and upkeep. If you’re going to go down this route, things like how often you wash and condition your hair as well as your diet are something you’ll have to consider.

As for styling, let it flow. A hairdryer and a light texturizing paste are all you’ll need. For the cut, keeping it shoulder length is best.

The Buzzcut

Buzzcut for Men's Haircuts 2018

No fuss, no problems. Once relegated to jocks and service members, the buzzcut is back. While so much about men’s haircuts 2018 is extra, the buzzcut is a dose of much-needed simplicity.

For a buzzcut, ask your barber to keep your hair between a one and a four. Any shorter and you’re bald while any longer and you should really just consider a different style.

While the buzzcut works on any hair type, it’s not a good fit for every person. If you’ve never cut your hair this short, carefully consider before you jump overboard and into the buzz.

Another thing to consider is who this look is best on. Guys with will defined bone-structure will do well here. For guys with softer face shapes, the buzzcut might not be for you.

When it comes to styling…well there isn’t really any need for that. If you choose to go a bit longer with your buzzcut, a light creme pomade will keep things from frizzing out. Otherwise, enjoy saving some precious minutes not having to style your hair before your morning commute.

Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Haircuts 2018


  • Try out something new
  • Understand which cut works for your face shape
  • Learn which hair type you have
  • Buy the right products
  • Know barber terminology


  • Ignore thinning hair
  • Dye unhealthy hair
  • Skip maintenance
  • Forget to moisturize

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Men’s Haircuts 2018

So those are the best in men’s haircuts 2018 for you to impress with all year long and beyond. Whether you’re looking to grow those locks out or keep things tidy and stress-free, there’s a style on here for you. Get cut, get styled and be your best self.

Let us know what hair-do you’re rocking this year in the comments below!

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