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Holiday Gift Guide: What Guys Want For the S.O. and bro alike

The holidays are just around the corner and the pressure is on to find the “perfect gift” for your favorite guy in your life. Whether it’s for your lifelong bro or the guy that tickles your fancy, this guide will give you some unique gift ideas that demystify the hardest gender to shop for. Whether he’s a man of style, an entertainer, or a burly outdoorsman, we’ve got a list of gifts that cover all of the above.

Playing Card Decks, Theory 11 

cards_01 cards_03cards_02

You will not find a deck of cards more elegant than these. Its detailed design is simply unmatched by your run-of-the-mill playing cards. The unique vintage designs on each deck is done in a gold metallic foil that is sure to up the ante of any card game. With such a special deck that exudes unique sophistication, it’s no surprise the company is based in the holy grail of playing cards, Las Vegas, NV.

Field Bag, Mollyjogger 

duff_01duff_02 duff_03

This bag will easily accommodate all of your essentials with space to spare. Stuff it with your sleeping bag, clothes, outerwear, toys, or ties… basically anything short of an open samurai sword. Like everything else from Mollyjogger, the bag has a genuine, rugged look that gives the feeling that it was born and bred outdoors. It’s made of a sturdy cotton canvas material and features a drawstring closure that is simple, functional, and is easy to pack. The top is reinforced with contrasting red stitching that gives an edge of unexpected design.

Wood Wallet, Ingenious Bros

wallet_01 wallet_02wallet_03

You know the bifold, the money clip, and the card carrier. Now, we invite you to meet the wooden wallet. This sleek, minimal wallet is made of  an outer shell of bubinga wood and features a thick, colored elastic band that fits seamlessly into the grooves in the middle of the wallet to keep all your belongings snug and in place. Each wallet holds about 4 cards and some cash, which is perfect for the minimalist man on the go. Packaged in a small flat gold mesh bag with drawstrings, this product is easily gift-ready. This year, take a new spin on the traditional wallet and his friends will be sure to notice.

Copper Mugs, Paykoc 


For the avid vodka or Moscow Mule aficionado, these traditional, handcrafted mugs are made from 100% copper, they add the signature metallic taste that is defining of this drink. Even without the traditional vodka cocktail, these mugs are not a bad way to enjoy any drink. There’s never any harm in drinking in style.

Hand-Etched Whiskey Glasses, East Mesa Design


These hand-etched wide brim glasses from East Mesa Design are a unique spin on the traditional whiskey set. This brand maintains an emphasis on fun, unique design and offer whiskey glasses featuring bicycles, majestic deer heads, and cars just to name a few. Crafted in a traditional lowball shape with a defining thick base that allow muddling without breaking the glass. Add style to his sipping with these finely designed glasses.

Flask Tie, Baxbo

flask_tie_01 flask_tie_02

Do away with carrying an ordinary, obvious metal flask and sip with discretion with the Flask Tie. This traditional looking necktie has a concealed “Tie Bladder” that hides any liquid of your choosing and makes a formal dress code one to look forward to. For the smuggler that loves to keep a party going, this tie is quite literally the CamelBak of ties. Wherever there’s a formal dress code, there’s a way. The office? Yep. Out on the town? Check. Weddings? They just got more fun. Go on, gentlemen, get your drink on. Just remember to “tie responsibly”.

Men’s Dress Socks, Sock Genius

socks_01 socks_02socks_03

These quirky dress socks are not your ordinary holiday present. Chock full of unique design and personal flair, these socks will give him the liberty to express himself and look good while doing it. With over 70 unique styles and colors, the possibilities are endless. These fun loving socks also make great gifts for all the men in your life, from best bros to your S.O. Whoever he is, give him the gift of timeless style and prepare to be met with gratitude.

Beard Kit, Billy Jealousy


This kit features practically everything he might need to maintain his notorious “No Shave November” beard. This highly awarded beard kit features the goods to get that beard in tip top shape. Including beard shampoo, beard control, and a beard brush, it covers all the bases. If he’s thinking of trying out a beard or is already sporting one, this may be the perfect gift that helps him keep it neat, tidy, and looking good.

Whiskey Ball Set, The Whiskey Ball


Whiskey on ice is a timeless classic and a traditional gentleman’s drink, but the ice within it isn’t something to take lightly. Ice allows the whiskey to bloom, but the key is to avoid watering down a whiskey too much. Adding ice in the form of a large ball or block as opposed to regular sized ice or crushed ice, keeps the good times going longer by taking longer to melt. These whiskey balls and blocks won’t dilute your drink and will gain him major points in whiskey etiquette. Add style and function to his favorite drink with these expert ice molds.

Cedar Tie Racks, Ties.com


A man’s wardrobe is so much more than what’s in it. Just like everything in style, it’s all about presentation. That exhausted wire hanger is simply not doing his wardrobe justice any longer. For the man of style, give him the gift of sanity while picking out his tie in the morning, giving his ties much more years of wear in the process. Proper tie maintenance and storage not only provides a gent with a crisp, wrinkle-free look, but also increases the lifespan of a tie collection. There’s no need to wonder if this gift will be used, because every man needs a great tie rack in their wardrobe.

Zombie Safe Zone Poster, Design Different

zombie_01 zombie_02

The perfect gift for the design fanatic or the gent with a great sense of humor, the personable and unique posters from Design Different will bring a smile to his face for days to come. This awesome design company is the brainchild of Ryan McArthur who takes inspiration from culture and advertising around him. From the hand lettered designs, to the packaging, his attention to detail is evident. From quotes, to maps, to movie posters, there’s an awesome variety that include thought, creativity, and a whole lot of zombies. The poster featured above is from the Zombie Safe Zone series, available for large cities across the globe, but there is also a custom option if you can’t find yours. Give him some humorous decor that will make him think of you upon every glance.

Mead Brew Kit, Sundry Brew


Make your mead and drink it too with this DIY Mead Brew Kit from Sunday Brew. This kit has everything needed to brew half a gallon of mead all in a compact box, including detailed instructions that make the process seamless and enjoyable. There’s no appreciation for a fine brew like one you’ve made by hand, and after all is said and done, he’ll be left with the gratification of having brewed his own drink and have a very cool growler to store it in.

Though it may seem like the ultimate conundrum to find us the perfect, memorable gift, it really isn’t as hard as it looks. Thought and creativity go a long way. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look outside the men’s section. You’re best gift giving season is just a click away, so sit back and get ready for the thank you cards.

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