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Adorably Sexy: Mock Neck Sweaters Be a holiday party heartthrob

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How does one look sensitive, smart, even alluring in a turtleneck, without conjuring images of a goateed slam poet who owns a messenger raven? Enter the mock neck: a turtleneck that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Mock Neck Sweater Stussy

The mock neck sweater, like a turtleneck, has a collar that wraps the neck. But there isn’t excess fabric warranting a fold. The mock neck has one layer of fabric, and its rise is typically shorter than a traditional turtleneck’s.

COS mock neck sweater

Having originated as battle garb to be worn by 15th-century knights under chainmail armor, the turtleneck has always emanated a patrician swagger. Would Carl Sagan and Steve Jobs have achieved the same critical acclaim without their signature turtlenecks? Well, probably. But did the sweater give them that added “artistic genius” aesthetic, more so than a polo or v-neck would have? We’d like to think so.

You can mimic the look of greatness without being all high and tooty though. Here are a few ways to rock the mock neck and look sophisticated but edgy–like you have a Nasdaq subscription, but you’re also hiding a few holiday party hickeys under your collar.

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Mock Neck with a Winter Jacket

Ralph Lauren Mock Neck Sweater
Mr Porter

Mock necks are perfect for cold weather since the collar provides built-in neck insulation. We aren’t opposed to men’s scarves, but it’s nice to toss on a sweater and not worry about styling your neckwear.

Layer a lapeled jacket over your mock neck. This offers a pleasant contrast in collars and fronts.

Uniqlo Mock Neck Sweater

You can try this look with a casual blazer as well. Lapels layered over a high neck line offer an essence of laidback nobility.

Layering Mock Necks

For an artful but nonchalant look, layer mock necks with other sweaters.

Mock Neck Sweater Layering

Give a sophisticated edge to the classic crewneck, and coincidingly, a more casual vibe to the mock neck.

If you have a wider, loose collar, you can even double up on the necked sweaters with a thin mock neck shirt under a heavier knit sweater.

Mock Neck Layering

More collar contrast porn? Try a collared shirt under a loose rolled neck sweater. The beauty of mock necks is that they’re open and low enough, so you can show off other collars alongside them.

J Crew mock neck rolled neck layered
J. Crew


Mock Necks for Lounge Chic

Did you ever want to dress up sweats without looking like you’re trying too hard? Mock necks are the perfect tops to wear with sweat and track pants. The high collar gives an elevated touch, but it’s not so prim and tight that it looks out of place.

mock neck lounge chic
Banana Republic / American Apparel / Thom Browne

When done right, loungewear says “I’m so awesome I don’t have to try.” Done wrong, and it looks sluggish. Mock necks are the perfect item for effortless cool.

Are you a fan of the laidback twist on traditional turtlenecks? Or are you a high-necked purist? Let us know in the comments below.

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