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How to Pair Ties and Tie Bars How to style the small but mighty accessory

Tie bars are the perfect addition to make it look like you know your way around a wardrobe.

They’re a little-added touch that says “I have my stuff together” and it’s the perfect simple accessory to add understated style to your getup.

Tie bars were invented as a substitute to the tie pin, which left tiny holes in the tie’s fabric after every use.

Though they were originally meant to be a functional solution to the tie falling away from the body, the humble tie bar has evolved into a full-fledged accessory category all its own.

While brushed silver or black is a great option for everyday wear, there are countless more variations out there to pair with your tie collection that shouldn’t go overlooked.

Whether your style is classic or bold, we’ve laid out specific tie and tie bar combinations that are impossible to mess up.

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Mini + Skinny

Black skinny tie | Mini tie bar

Onyx Skinny Tie

Suit up to perfection with the beautiful solid skinny ties by Peter Hayer. This microfiber onyx skinny tie features a refined satin finish, giving just the right amount of sheen that’s perfect for formal events, important business meetings, or weddings.

First and foremost, let’s start off with the cardinal rule of ties bars: it should always be shorter than the width of your tie.

Are you a skinny tie kind of guy? Invest in a smaller tie bar (1” width usually looks about right).

Matching scale between your two accessories is imperative to making the tie bar work.

To really nail this combo, try a sleek silk tie in black with a silver bar for a look that’s reserved, yet stylish.

Classic + Foulard

silver-tie-bar-printed tie
Printed tie | Silver tie bar

Circa Silver Tie Bar

Distinguish yourself from the rest with our Circa Tie Bar. This 1″ tie bar is subtle enough to not distract, but refined enough to enhance any ensemble from work to a night out with ease.

Already own a classic tie bar? Pair it with a tie with a repeating pattern to keep your look sleek while still letting your personality shine.

A silver or gold tie bar in a standard size (1.5-2”) will keep your statement tie in place without competing for attention.

To really pull the rest of your look together, match metals with your tie bar and keep the rest of your pieces neutral.

Nautical + Navy

Navy tie | Anchor tie bar

Long Island Navy Blue Tie

Add visual intrigue to your look with our Long Island Tie. This silk tie is the perfect look for any working professional looking to add a touch of personality to his wardrobe.

Novelty tie bars can be a little tricky, so try them with a print that isn’t too busy.

For a foolproof combination that’s fun without going overboard (pun intended), try a nautical tie bar with a classic staple, the navy tie.

The traditional nature of the tone leaves room for some character in the tie bar.

Matte + Sheen

Green tie | Royal blue tie bar

Sherman Royal Blue Tie Bar

This boldly colored tie bar will be your new favorite staple. With it’s simple shape and royal blue color, this metal tie bar is simply unmatched when it comes to modern minimalism.

Create visual interest in your tie and tie bar combo with two pieces that have a different finish. A matte tie bar looks right at home on top of a silk tie.

Extra points if you go with the same color family for both pieces, creating a sophisticated and polished monochrome look.

Color + Contrast

Umbrella tie | Sky blue tie bar

Umbrellas Coral Tie

Nothing will have you feeling like singing in the rain like our Umbrellas tie. Rest assured that rain or shine, this tie will keep you looking fresh.

This combo is perfect for creatives. Try pairing a bright tie bar with a contrasting solid color. For the tie, both shiny and matte fabrics work here.

The two-tone look is so simple to achieve with what you already have in your closet. Tying the color of the tie bar into the print of your tie will create visual cohesion.

Rose Gold + Blue


Chambray tie | Rose gold tie bar

Casual Fridays aren’t just about busting out your favorite jeans and sneakers. Try a rose gold tie bar with a blue tie for an elevated, yet relaxed look.

It’ll feel more modern than the standard silver. This look is also perfect for the spring wedding season.

By wearing any of these foolproof combinations, you’re sure to be the most stylish guy in the room. So go on. Rock that tie bar with confidence.

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