Rules of Accessory Matching

Rules of: Accessory Matching It's not always about wearing the same color

Accessories are the easiest way to take any ensemble to the next level. A classic watch in a metallic finish gives your look a touch of refinement while a tastefully patterned tie lets your personality come out without you having to say a word. As great as accessories are, it’s easy to go overboard and look sloppy if you don’t wear them properly. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your extras. Now, we’re not saying that these rules are meant to be followed blindly. On the contrary, we believe that it’s a good move to be aware of the rules of accessorizing, and then actively choose what you do with this information. You have to know the rules before you can break them, as they say.

Matching Your Belt to Your Shoes

This one’s a classic rule that you might already know. Leathers should always match leathers, so if your shoes are brown, your belt should theoretically be brown, as well. Sticking to one color when it comes to accessories make you look sophisticated and streamlined.


Matching Your Metals

As with your leathers, it’s best to keep your metals in the same family. A belt with a silver belt buckle should be sported with a silver watch. Choosing a single metal to wear at a time keeps your look refined and uncluttered.

Gray Cotton La Grande Extra Long Tie 242436 540 1280 0

La Grande Gray Extra Long Tie

Our La Grande extra long tie is the perfect spring update to any wardrobe. With its eye-catching blue and white accents against solid gray, this tie is a great choice for both the office and casual gatherings.

Choosing Your Colors Carefully

It’s no wonder that the colors you wear can speak volumes about your personality. Opt for all black accessories when you need to look sharp and talk business, but go for white or tan for the weekend. Either way, they should be of complementary colors or varying neutrals.


Using a Leather Wallet

In the past (we’re talking middle school and high school days), you probably could have gotten away with using a canvas wallet held together by duct tape and velcro, but those days are over. A grown man needs a leather wallet. Extra points if it matches your belt.

Black Leather Bi Fold Wallet Wallet 254053 540 1280 0

Bi-fold Wallet Black Wallet

The Classic 6 Bifold Wallet is the Alynn take on the timeless Bi-fold wallet style. Featuring six card pockets and one main cash compartment, the Classic 6 will comfortably house all your items.

Matching Your Belt to the Formality of Your Outfit

Formal belts are generally made of leather and are thinner with simple, rectangular or square buckles, while casual belts are thick and can be made of cloth. Wear the leather belt to the office and the cloth one when you’re running errands.


Experimenting with Patterns

A simply patterned tie can be a conversation starter. It’s an easy way to show a little personality in more formal settings. Just make sure the pattern complements (or contrasts with) the color of your shirt and you’re good to go.

Experiment with Patterns
Olive Cotton Morris Tie 249827 540 1280 0

Morris Olive Tie

Crank up the volume with fresh, floral patterns that will brighten up everyone’s mood. Keep it bold in our olive tie.

Considering the Shape of Your Glasses

Some people don’t put much thought into their eyeglasses; they reach for whatever fills their prescription and fits into their budget. While budget-friendly glasses are good, we suggest taking it a step further and choosing frames that complement the shape of your face. After all, if you’re going to be wearing them all the time, it’s best if they look good on you.


When you’re putting your outfit together, don’t skimp out on the finishing touches. Your choice of accessories reveals your personality and adds the right amount of flair to your look. Accessories that are coordinated smartly with your outfit will help you project sophistication and confidence, no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you’re feeling bold, use our rules as a starting point and learn to break them later. It’s all about finding your own personal style.

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