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Should You Postpone Your Wedding?

Main reasons you may decide to postpone:

Public Health Concerns. 

It’s no secret that the recent 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) is putting soon-to-wed couples in an unprecedented position. Looming fears of group gatherings, rapidly changing state mandates, venue closures, and canceled flights are forcing happy couples to push their nuptials to a later date. If you have to postpone due to public health concerns, we promise you, your guests will understand and appreciate you thinking of everyone’s health. Just be sure to let them know as soon as you have all the information. As circumstances are ever-evolving, seek the most recent guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and other federal, state and local officials.

Still, set on getting married? Push the reception date and have an intimate ceremony at home with a live stream to friends and family.

New Surprises 

Life is full of surprises. An acceptance letter into your dream school, a job relocation, or a growing family, are all healthy changes that could warrant moving your dream day. However, before you and your partner make a quick decision, consider seeking out the advice of your closest family, friends, wedding planner, or coordinator to determine the best plan of action. A change of plans could just warrant a change in wedding style.

Family Emergency 

You cannot control everything – from accidents, deaths, incarcerations, surprise labors, and everything in between, family emergencies happen when you least expect them. In this case it is okay to move your wedding date down the road to accommodate all parties involved and ensure your wedding day is all about you. Communicate any changes clearly with your guests, venue, and wedding vendors as timely as you can. Your guests, like you, are human and will understand your need to postpone. 

Financial Reasons 

Weddings are not cheap. In some circumstances, couples realize they need more time to save for their wedding and decide to wait until they have all the funds in place. In other cases, unforeseen financial situations and stresses arise, and postponing your wedding may be the only option. If you choose to move forward, consider looking into cost saving solutions like reducing the amount of florals and DIY-ing your centerpieces. 

Relationship Issues and Needs 

Post-engagement time is extremely eye-opening. Many couples realize some issues they need to work through together before tying the knot and will extend their engagement to do so. If this is the case, talk to a counselor and decide together what makes the most sense. You have your whole life to get married, pushing it back a few months is not the end of the world. 

Venue Issues 

So, you’ve picked a venue, paid for it, and planned your outfit around it. Then, natural or financial disaster strikes and the venue is forced to shutter. You don’t have a back up venue and your wedding date is quickly approaching. You have two options – find a new venue asap or postpone so you have some more time to plan. Both options are great and your guests will understand. 

Regardless of the circumstance, your decision to charge ahead, postpone, improvise a new wedding idea, or just outright cancel is entirely up to you. Make your decision with style and grace knowing that you will be the one living with this day and this person for the rest of your life, not aunt Kathy from flood who insists the show must go on. 

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