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Spezzato Style: How to Wear a Suit Today Disrupting suit attire

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What’s new in the world of suiting? More than you would think.
One prominent wearing style is Spezzato, and the trend is proving to endure.

“Spezzato,” an Italian word meaning “broken” or “divided,” is the practice of mixing and matching different components from different suits. For example, a herringbone suit jacket with solid dress pants.

Not only is Spezzato a more relaxed approach to suits, obliterating stuffy notions of a uniform ensemble, but it’s also a resourceful way to achieve numerous looks from just 2-3 suits.

Different ways to wear Spezzato style suits:

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Spezzato Style Suit: Mixing Patterns

A top bottom mix-match is the most basic approach. Executed with just suit jackets and pants, this style will resemble a sport coat with dress pants combo. You can also include vests for high contrast color blocking from two solid halves.

Up-the-middle Spezzato entails matching the vest (or waistcoat) with suit pants, and then wearing the jacket of a different suit.

The most extreme Spezzato involves mixing three different components from three different suits.

Some Tips on Spezzato Style Suiting

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First, keep in mind that Spezzato is casual suiting. You’ll look incredible at Fashion Week or Pitti Uomo, but don’t attempt Spezzato for an interview.

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Consider Fit

While mixing different patterns and colors is smiled upon, stick to a uniform fit. If you’re wearing a slim tailored suit jacket, pair it with slim dress pants. The same goes for loose fits. Suits are worn for their silhouette, and you wouldn’t want to appear either top-heavy or bottom-heavy.

Consider Fabric

A heavy winter suit jacket should not be worn with seersucker pants. Remember that suits inherently call for some semblance of continuity.

Go Rogue, if you want

Some Spezzato styles will even allow for chinos or jeans in place of dress pants. Hey, that’s not our cup of tea, but you can “break” or “divide” however you like.


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