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Style Resolutions for the New Year Step into 2016 with your best foot forward

We’ve all come a long way from the t-shirt and jeans look. It’s true. Before ties, we relied on a stack of graphic tees to get us through the week.

It took some work. The process involved a lot of trial and error, and a lot of looking for and applying inspiration.

And, it took a good amount of time to work all of that effort into developing a sense of personal style.

You’re (probably) in the middle of working out your own style now. The GentleManual and the Style Guru Society exists to aid you on that journey!

We’re here to help make your transition into gentlemanliness that much easier.

We asked the Style Gurus to share some of their knowledge with the world in the form of style resolutions for the new year.

Read on, because this year might end up being your most stylish yet!

Mark Asuncion

“You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style.”

style resolutions for 2016 mark

“This year I am making sure that I factor in both function and comfort into my style.

As a photographer, I am constantly moving around to make sure I get the right angles for the perfect shot.

So this year, I’m making sure I reach for the lighter and softer fabrics to give me that extra flexibility. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style!” – Mark Asuncion

Ryan Fisico

“If used right, wearing black can portray a very bold message.”

style resolutions for 2016 ryan fisico

“This year, my goal is to incorporate more black into my outfits which is something I have often avoided doing due to its repetitiveness in men’s fashion.

In my previous shoots, I have made an emphasis on the power of chromatic colors.

However, though black is dark and simple, the color should not be neglected.

Uniquely, it is a timeless color, and if used right, it could portray a very bold message.” – Ryan Fisico

Ryan Rosenkilde

“Take more risks and let your own take on fashion shine through.”

style resolutions for 2016 ryan rosenkilde

“This year I’m resolving to mix it up and really showcase my personal style.

I now have more freedom in what I can wear on a day-to-day basis and I want to use that freedom to take more risks and really let my own take on fashion shine through.

I will forever and always stand adamantly by the fact that style is unique to an individual and I want people to see that in every post I write and every picture I put out there.

And, I always want to be comfortable because no one ever said they enjoyed being uncomfortable, and if someone did it certainly wasn’t me.” – Ryan Rosenkilde

Juan De La Rosa

“Expand your choices beyond the usual tie-and-blazer look.”

style resolutions for 2016 the dapper juan

“This coming year I resolve to expand my style choices beyond the usual tie-and-blazer look.

I want to be able to push my fashion limits and really embody the term “style guru.”

And all the while, I hope to be setting new style rules and standards along with the rest of the Style Guru Society.

Let’s get ready for a new year and new era of dapper style.” -Juan De La Rosa

Gurj Sohanpal

“Style and class is an outlet of your personality.”

style resolutions for 2016 gurj singh gentry

“This year I want to take my style game up another level.

Not only will I experiment with suits that stray from classic colors and styles, but I also hope to try more daring combinations with my street style.

I’ve always been a firm believer that style and class is an outlet of your personality, so showing the different sides of my look will really show people what I am all about.

I look forward to helping influence and inspire people’s looks over the coming year and with the rest of the Style Guru Society, you will have plenty of inspiration coming your way.

Happy New Year!” – Gurj Sohanpal

David Thande

“2016 will be a year free of biker jeans.”

style resolutions for2016 david thande

“This year’s trend that I’ve seen over and over again: biker jeans.

The most common variation is 5-pocket jeans in washed stretch denim with a low waist, ultra-slim legs with quilted sections at knees, and button fly (although other variations include cargo, drop crotch, super skinny… you get the idea).

Just pants with knee pads in the event you get thrown off your invisible motorcycle (also known as toddler couture).

The most infectious thing about trends is that you always in one way or another will end up catching on to and warming up to them.

The cost of these particular trousers range from $400 ( all saints ) to $19.99 ( H&M ). I opted to fall in line with about $70 ( provided by TopMan ).

I opted to wear them with a basic white tee, a leather jacket, and snare boots. The fit was a bit uncomfortable, I felt the knee pads were unnecessary add-ons.

Throughout the day, onlookers inquired on what type of bike I rode. I felt so uncomfortable with the persona it attracted and the weird feeling that I was in toddle training pants.

Often, I would catch glimpses of myself throughout the day. It’s a frumpy look and perhaps I’m not exactly the body type that it requires as well.

With that said, 2016 will be a year free of bikers jeans. That audacious trend will not be something I will be repeating.” -David Thande

Sunny Murthy

“Get a little weird.”

style resolutions for 2016 sunny murthy

“So, I am really excited for 2016. I came across a picture of me in like 4th grade and I was wearing a sleeveless Under Armour compression shirt OVER, yes over, a white tee.

It looked really stupid and I am glad that it is a thing of the past. I was reminded that as years pass you grow and change a lot.

It might not always be noticeable, but over the long term, you are a different person than you were 10 years ago in almost every aspect, including fashion.

There are a lot of things that I want to try and am excited for, and I think myself along with the other Style Gurus have built credibility in the menswear industry, and people value our opinions.

Saying that, it’s time for me to get a little more weird with stuff I do.

Hopefully not too weird, just weird enough to be interesting while also convincing people that the core of every outfit is confidence. It’s is a lifestyle, start living it.” -Sunny Murthy

Gio Serna

“Incorporate more classic staples.”

style resolutions for 2016 gio serna

“In 2016, I plan on incorporating more classic staples into my style. As I get older I want to create looks that complement my age.

More suits, suspenders, waistcoats, etc. I want to start channeling my inner Steve McQueen, James Dean, Daniel Craig… you know, the OG’s of style.

I love casual looks because of the level of comfort they provide, but hey who said suits aren’t comfy?

Oh, and a word on suspenders  – please don’t wear a belt with them. It’s one or the other. NEVER both! 🙂 Cheers.” – Gio Serna 

What are your style resolutions? Tell us in the comments. And of course, we hope you have a great 2016, gentlemen.

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