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5 Colors You Need For Fall The best tones for looking dapper this fall

It’s bittersweet really, to think about summer coming to an end so soon. But once August rolls around, it’s just about time to update our wardrobes in line with the brisker seasons ahead. Besides the obvious swaps, like shorts for pants, tank tops for sweaters, and linen for wool, you may want to consider incorporating some new colors into the mix, too. Pantone’s Fall 2016 color palette consists of sophisticated earth tones and pops of color that will simplify getting ready for the office, a meeting, or an event. We’ve listed our top 5 color picks from Pantone’s list that will surely be a sensation.

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Channel your inner Draper with some Sharkskin—the color, that is. Lighter than your average charcoal but by no means understated, Sharksin offers practicality and familiarness with a contemporary twist. This cool gray gives your wardrobe stability because it’s pairable with most colors, and it’s a natural extension of your arsenal of neutrals. Wear a classic sharkskin oversized coat to stay warm on a chilly day.

Lush Meadow


A vibrant and sophisticated color, Lush Meadow displays a depth of color that elevates it from natural greens. Similar in appearance to a rich emerald hue, Lush Meadow is elegant and evocative of the deeper jewel tones associated with colder months. It looks refreshing and eye-catching, and it will certainly be noticed whether you wear it subtly on an accessory or all-out with a coat or a suit.

Potter’s Clay


Not quite brown nor orange, Potter’s Clay is grounded in a neutral aesthetic without being anywhere near plain. This color is a neutral earth tone that is perfect for the colder months ahead. It’s evocative of autumn leaves, which adds a rugged impact to any refined look.

Spicy Mustard


Spicy Mustard isn’t just the condiment we love on our hot dogs anymore! This hue adds a splash of unexpected vibrancy that makes any gloomy day a little brighter. Try the shade on a pair of socks or a v-neck sweater for a bold, warm look.



Riverside is a practical blue with an upscale twist that differentiates it from the rest. Like pulling on your favorite pair of jeans, this color will quickly become a go-to this fall. Wear a tailored suit in this shade as a much-welcome switch from your everyday blacks and charcoals.


Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean the cool colors in your wardrobe have to retire, too. Incorporate these 5 colors into your wardrobe to brighten up the brisk months ahead.

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