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Style Tip: Shawl Neck Sweaters Try out this bold sweater style

Sweaters get a bad rap sometimes.  Maybe it’s the flashbacks of your mom pulling a stuffy sweater over your head as a kid, or your irrational fear of not wanting to look like your college professor, but sweaters are a dynamic wardrobe staple that every man should have.  Shawl neck sweaters are a great example.  Sharp yet comfortable, here’s our take on shawl neck sweaters and how to style them.

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First of all, What is a Shawl Neck?

There are tons of different types of sweaters out there, so it can be hard to tell them apart.  However, this particular type of sweater is distinct. Shawl neck sweaters are easy to spot by their wide, turned-over collar that narrows until meeting in the middle (kind of like a v-neck with extra fabric folded over).

Why You Should Wear One:


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  • Shawl collar gives a luxury layer to your garment
  • Argyle diamond geometic pattern is a timeless style for men’s clothing

Designed as a sort of cross between a pullover and a sports jacket, shawl necks make for great, distinctive sweaters. They offer a relaxed and casual fit that, compared to turtlenecks, has far more versatility.  

How to Style: 

Shawl necks dress up an outfit while still keeping it relaxed, so they make a great choice for going out on cold winter nights.  More so, shawl necks work well when they’re layered.  To dress it up, simply wear a formal shirt and tie underneath or keep it casual by just throwing one over your tee.  


Make a casual outfit by pairing your shawl neck like we did here, with an everyday button up and some black jeans.  This makes for an easy, thrown-together look that’s suitable for going to a concert or on a date.


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When trying to impress the higher ups at the office, layer your shawl neck over a dress shirt and tie.  The combination shows that you’re willing to break the mold of the usual suit jacket but that you’re still savvy enough to keep things professional.


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