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Style Tip: What to Wear when it’s Hot Out Ride out the heat wave with these style tips

It’s crazy hot outside these days. Every summer the temperatures rise, but this year is one for the books, breaking all sorts of sweltering records across the country. What’s a well-dressed gentleman to do? It’s always a dilemma during the summer months to dress your best without burning up in the process. Winter is easy. Layers are king when it comes to dressing well. But what about that trepidatious timeframe between April and October? Don’t sweat it—here are 5 tips for staying cool and looking good when it’s hot outside.

1. Look for Textured, Breathable Fabrics


There’s some science behind why textured fabrics are synonymous with summer style. Fabrics like seersucker, linen, madras, and oxford are go-to’s when the weather warms up, because their distinct texture helps raise part of the fabric away from the skin. This added space allows for more airflow to keep you cool.

2. Wear Lighter Colors


We all know that dark colors absorb light and heat, so as much as you love that black tee, it might be best to give it a break in favor of the lighter section of your closet instead. Light colors reflect light, so the heat may be easier to bear. However, keep in mind that lighter colors will unfortunately show off sweat more easily, which brings us to our next tip…

3. Throw on an Undershirt


Undershirts will help keep your perspiration at bay. Stick to gray t-shirts, though, as white and black will show through your light button-ups, and tank tops simply won’t protect your pits.

4. Stick to No (Show) Socks


Nobody wants to be rocking crew socks when it’s blistering out. But wearing no socks with your dress shoes and Sperrys is another disaster entirely. Grab some no-show socks in breathable fabrics like bamboo or cotton, to help keep sweat and odors contained. That, and no-show socks just make wearing covered shoes more comfortable, to boot.

5. Skip the Lining

If you work in an office, odds are you’ll still be required to wear a blazer no matter what month it is. If you still need to suit up during the summer, avoid any jacket lined with silk, satin, or polyester—which all trap heat—and opt instead for an unlined variation.

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