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Suiting Up Right: A Primer for Every Body Type Know the fit, pick the suit

The suit is at the height of men’s fashion. When you’re dressed your best, what are you wearing? Probably a suit. The sad reality is that most guys are clueless about which suit they should be wearing. This comes down to two things, tailoring and confusion over your body type. Let’s talk about the latter. There are five different body types to consider before you suit up.

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Body Types


Characterized by a broad chest and set of shoulders to match. All the while, men with this shape, slim down at the waist. Needless to say, men with this physique have it easy. Your body type is a natural fit for pretty much anything you can put on.

Inverted Triangle

Gym rats, listen up! If you spend hours training your upper body, you’re probably going to fall into this category. We know being absolutely shredded is something most guys strive for, but it’s challenging when looking for a suit.
The traditional suit is going to make someone like you look top heavy. That means you need to find a look that will bring your torso and chest into balance. A great choice is a double-breasted jacket. It’ll distribute your weight throughout while still showing off your gains on the bench press.
When looking for pants, there’s one big rule to follow. Avoid anything skinny! If you were worried about looking top-heavy before, wait till your legs are trying to squeeze into a pair of extra-skinny jeans. Yeah, you’re going to look ridiculous.
This body type looks best when you are bringing everything into balance.


For guys who carry their weight in their gut, this body type is all about drawing attention upwards. With Triangle bodies, it can be easy to assume that all men with this are just fat. Not true. Consequently, some men just have hips wider than their hips. Let’s all be honest though, weight definitely is a possibility.
To dress this body type, keep things structured. Padding in the shoulders builds up the look of the upper body, taking attention away from your belly. As far as designs go, stripes are your friends. Vertical stripes have a slimming effect and can show off some serious style chops.


Skinny guys, this one is for you. Tall guys with an even shoulder to hip ratio, fit under this category. With this body type, it can be hard to find a look that fits well with your body and doesn’t leave you drowning in fabric. Choosing a suit that’s too big is going to leave you looking absurd.
To deal with this body type, first get a suit that fits close to the body. Excess fabric only accentuates your narrow physique. Next step is to create contrast by broadening your upper body. To do this, go for suits with wide lapels.


For guys with oval body types, their weight centers around the stomach. This creates an unappealing focal point. To deal with this, you’re going to want to handle things much like guys with inverted triangle shapes. It’s all about creating balance. Disperse your weight throughout with the use of vertical stripes and dark colors. Continue this trend with well-fitted trousers to heighten your whole look.

Final Notes on Body Types

Figuring out your body type and the best suit for it may seem daunting, but it’s really not. Simply consider your physique, try on different suits, talk to your tailor and be realistic about yourself. With that, you’re well on your way to choosing a suit that’ll impress every time.

What suit keeps you looking great? Let us know in the comments below.

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