Summer Bucket List Do a little more with what's left of your summer

With the summer more than halfway over, we’re all feeling the pressure to do something cool.  However, actually coming up with something cool to do is a different story.  The solution? Make a summer bucket list. If you’re unsure where to start, here are 20 things currently on our bucket list before our favorite season comes to a close. How many have you accomplished so far?

1. Learn how to make some killer cocktails 

Impress your friends or your date with your newfound mixology skills.  Our drink of choice this summer is a Moscow mule with the heat cranked all the way up.  


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2. Go on a brewery tour

There are breweries all over the place. Pay a visit to one close to you for a quick drink, or make a day out of it by taking a brewery tour.

3. Host a BBQ (or attend one)

Nothing else screams “summer” more.  Have some good food, plenty of beers on deck, and enjoy time with friends and family.

4. Go to a concert you’ve always wanted to go to

It could be a band you’ve liked since high school, the music you’re listening to now, or even a venue you’ve always wanted to see.  

5. Read a book 


Get some good reading in when you have a little down time.  We’re currently reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

6. Go on a road trip

Pack your bags, grab your friends, and hit the road! Vegas anyone?

7. Weekend vacation

A weekend trip is a great way to refresh and restart.  Rent a place by the beach or hit the road and head to a campsite.  Either way, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to reality once you’re back home.

8. Go to a sporting event for a favorite team of yours

A warm summer night, a nice cold beer, and greasy hot dog.  A classic way to spend a summer evening.

9. Go on a day trip

Even if it’s just an hour away, take a trip for a nice change of scenery.  

10. Attend/participate in a food eating contest


Surprisingly enough, these are all over the place.  From tacos to wings (and anything else you can imagine), you’re bound to find something indulgent near you.  

11. Pick up a new hobby

Whether it’s learning how to play an instrument or restoring a classic car, you’ll feel extremely accomplished by the end of your next endeavor.

12. Drink whiskey by the fire

Bonfire or campfire, grab your favorite whiskey, pour, sip, and relax.

13. Day drink

Relive those college days by tossing back a few beers in the heat of the afternoon.

14. Stargaze

Perfect idea for a date or a nice way to chill out and reflect.  

15. Brew your own beer


You may not become a brewmaster, but at least you can say you’ve tried it.  

16. Be a tourist in your own city

See what the hype (or not-so-hype) is all about!

17. Go on a solo trip

This may be a challenge, but you will learn so many valuable life lessons and a lot about yourself.  

18. Watch a Ted Talk

Ever been curious about a totally random subject?  You’re pretty much guaranteed to find a Ted Talk about it.  So next time you’re at the gym, instead of opening Spotify, try a Ted Talk instead. 

19. Go cliff jumping

Bring the GoPro along and get some sick footage of your jump.  Here are some of the best cliff jumping spots in the country.

20. Try paddleboarding


You’ve seen other people do it, but now it’s your time to shine.  Don’t worry… they say it’s not as hard as it looks.  

Use this list, or build your own, and end your summer with a bang!

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