Super Bowl 47 was an electric (and for 34 minutes lack thereof) outing of two teams fighting tooth and nail with all their might to become victorious in their quest for greatness. The Baltimore Ravens held on to go down as champions for the second time in the team’s history. And how about that Beyonce half-time show?

As with each year’s Super Bowl game, the real champions are those companies who make the biggest splash with their commercial spots.

This year we saw some extremely creative marketing from Audi, M&M’s, Oreo, Doritos, and the folks at Got Milk? We also got a chance to see some pretty big budget trailers for movies hitting the screen later this year. Then there was an absolutely repulsive viewing from Go Daddy that we unfortunately had the displeasure of seeing. Without further adieu, here are the stars of Superbowl 47 advertising.

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale

There’s nothing like paling around with a barnyard animal that screams like a human. Unless of course, said barnyard animal turns into your worst nightmare after the novelty lackluster runs out. Perhaps the gentleman in this Doritos commercial learned his lesson: Roommates are always great at first, but when the “honeymoon” phase is over they can be pretty annoying

Audi – Prom

When making the bold decision to go stag at your prom this year, if your dad doesn’t toss you the Audi keys it might not pan out exactly like this. With this commercial, Audi tied in mom trying to say the right thing, little sister telling you the harsh truth, dad coming to the rescue and sacrificing a short term injury for a life long memory. Bravo to Audi on this one.

M&M’s – But I Won’t Do That

M&M’s creative department rarely disappoints. They kept the ball rolling this year by incorporating Meatloaf’s I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) into their spot and gave us a good laugh. It never gets old seeing those little animated guys doing human stuff, especially when it involves hot girls like Naya Rivera. Once again, M&M’s upped the ante and make the bar that much higher for themselves next year.

Got Milk? – We’re Outta Milk

The Rock around children is always entertaining. He is this monster of a man that just can’t help but show a soft spot for children. This time around he is way jacked and opting to not save cats in trees, stop banks robberies, or even remotely let the chaos around him stop his mission from being completed.

Oreo – Whisper Fight

What an incredible commercial concept. Madness ensues after a petty disagreement over which part of the Oreo is better, but everyone is still adhering to the “Be Quiet” rule of the library. Timing and creative genius was spot on.

Go Daddy – Two Sides

Pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say “eww.” Not sure what Go Daddy was thinking on this one, but they clearly weren’t making sound decisions. Shock value is usually a solid marketing move, but in this case they certainly didn’t bring it in the right direction.

Volkswagen – Get In Get Happy

If this one didn’t make you smile, there’s something wrong. The part that no one really made mention of is how this guy’s Jamaican accent is spot on. Not sure if it was VW’s intention to aim your thoughts toward this, but after a three-deep car ride during lunch and being late to work, they are now all talking with that accent? Seems they might have filmed in Colorado or Washington, if you know what we’re saying.

NFL – Leon Sandcastle

For those who were lucky enough to see Neon Deon Sanders in his prime, he was a specimen athlete. And from the looks of it, he still is. Taking on the the identity of Leon Sandcastle, he doesn’t like hearing all the talk of new rookie sensations making so much noise in the media. In his disguise he wows the world once again at the NFL combine to go number one in the draft.

Tide – Joe Montana Miracle Stain

So funny. Joe Montana becomes that pre-Superbowl good luck charm for these 49er fans with a freak occurrence. Unfortunately this wasn’t the good luck charm that helped them out. If San Francisco would of pulled it out, perhaps Tide could take the credit. But what a great way to tie the Super Bowl into the commercial.

Budweiser – Brotherhood

Add in a little Fleetwood Mac with a touching premise, and you got yourself a winner. This commercial could have made the toughest guy you know verklempt. Budweiser always hits it home with their creative commercials and they proved once again, they’re not out of ideas.

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