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The 20 Best Ice Breaker Questions That You Need to Know Casual questions for any situation

Social anxiety is no joke and creating a connection out of nowhere can be a scary thought. What if you say the wrong thing or act the wrong way but before that even begins, how do you even open the conversation? Whether you’re trying to pick up a woman or you want to make new friends, we’re going to share the best ice breaker questions with you.  It’s time to whip out your journal, break out your half-chewed pen and take heed of our ultimate guide to asking the right questions to achieve the desired result. Here you’ll find funny ice breakers, awkward ice breakers and even ones that are guaranteed to get you into a deep conversation.  Let’s dive right in and help you make that connection. 

The 7 Best Ice breaker Questions for Adults 

Whether you’re stranded with strangers in a bar or you’re rocking up to a beautiful woman and need to make an impression, we’ve got the secret sauce to make it happen.  You can use our best ice breaker questions for adults to build a rapport, enabling strangers to engage in back and forth conversion. With a little practice and possibly a beer or two, you’ll be breaking more ice than the Titanic. 

  1. What was in your locker at high school? The other person will be taken down memory lane as they describe the items in their locker and then prompt you to describe your own possessions from your old locker. 
  2. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done for fun? Let the other person share a fun story from their past, you can follow up “why did you do that?”
  3. If you had your own podcast, who would you interview and why? Podcasts are so hot right now. Let them delve into who they’re interested in speaking to and why.
  4. If you could be an expert at any skill what would it be and why? Everyone wants to be a master of something. Unless they say they want to be a master knife fighter, then I’d be a little worried. 
  5. What are your top 3 favorite movies? Whether it’s Love Actually or Terminator, this is going to create a good conversation.  
  6. What would be your dream job? You can get an idea of what the person does as their job without actually asking. Also, everyone has a dream job or wants to be super-rich. 
  7. What would you remove from your day to make it easier? A world with more time and less annoyance. A perfect opener for a conversation that could develop into a deeper one by minimizing routine

The 7 Best Ice Breaker Questions to Start an Interesting Conversation 

When you’re engaging in a conversation with someone, there’s a distinct difference between making small talk about boring stuff like the weather; then there’s a genuine conversation about something deeper.  Whether you’re having a conversation with a hot date or a new friend that you want to know more about, you can use conversation starters to build a rapport of trust. From there you can find something that interests you both.  Here are the 7 best icebreaker questions for adults to start a conversation: 

  1. What’s in the trunk of your car right now? Hopefully, it’s just the usual stuff and it’s nothing illegal, like a dead body or something. 
  2. Do you have any social media claims to fame? Everyone remembers that one time a celeb liked their picture of half-eaten pasta on Instagram—no? Well, I’m sure you’ll hear all about it if it happened. 
  3. What are you grateful for? A question that’s very in the now. It’s always good and uplifting to hear and talk about what people are grateful for in their lives. 
  4. If you could time travel what would you change and why? Time travel always incites an interesting conversation and everyone is different. 
  5. What are your favorite pizza toppings? Everyone loves pizza and if the other person doesn’t then they’re not the person for you. 
  6. If you were a show on Netflix what would you be? In this day and age, everyone has a Netflix Subscription. You can find out if the other person has your sense of humor or is a serial killer. 
  7. Coffee, tea or tequila? Get an idea of what their favorite morning beverage is, whether it’s a cup of joe or a tequila slammer to tackle the day. 

The 6 Best Funny Ice Breaker Questions

It’s always good to add a little comedy into your conversations (especially when you’re trying to charm a potential lover. There are a few funny questions to ask that will turn a long silence into laughter, giving you both a great night and hopefully many more laughs.  Here are the 6 best funny ice breakers: 

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done on a date? Embarrassing stories are always funny and the more cringy the better. 
  2. There’s a zombie apocalypse, who’s your squad and why? Everyone loves a good post-apocalyptic story and you need to know who’s going to make the team or survivors and who’s going to get cut. 
  3. What’s the most regrettable fashion style you’ve worn? Oh, that’s right—no one wants to talk about their goth phase. 
  4. Who was your famous childhood crush? We used to love a bit of Jennifer Aniston in Friends but the person your asking may have something a little more embarrassing in mind.  
  5. What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever rocked? Remember when mullets came back into fashion: that was a bad time for everyone—or goatees, ugh. 
  6. What’s your best story while being intoxicated? There’s always a good story involved when there’s too much wine.
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