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The 3 Best Ways to Lace Your Dress Shoes These foolproof styles couldn't be simpler

Lacing your dress shoes might not be something you’ve given much thought to.

It’s not something as noticeable as a perfectly folded pocket square or a new tie knot.

But when it comes to dressing well, the devil’s in the details — and that includes your feet.

Make sure you’re all laced up in a style that’s right for your shoe’s facing and the number of eyelet pairs.

Read on for three of the easiest methods out there that’ll work with whatever type of dress shoe you own. Just be sure to upgrade your shoelaces while you’re at it. 

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Criss Cross

Brown dress shoes with Criss Cross laces
Criss Cross Laces

The Criss Cross is one of the easiest methods for lacing your dress shoes — it’s probably how they came when you first bought them.

Whether your old laces have become worn out or you’d like to switch up the color, this classic style of lacing is a no-brainer.

Open lacing vs Closed lacing comparison
Open lacing vs Closed lacing

This style works with open lacing — it should only be done when the top of the shoe is made up of two separate pieces of leather.

The open design makes it easier for your fingers to bring the same lace over vamp and back under.

If you try to do lace a closed design in the Criss Cross style, you’ll create unsightly bumps below the vamp.

criss cross shoe lacing instructions infographic
Criss cross shoe lacing instructions


Brown dress shoes with diagonal lacing
Diagonal lacing

The Diagonal method of lacing your dress shoes adds a modern twist with minimal effort.

You can lace your shoes to be twins, with the parallel lines created all going to same way, or switch it up to make your shoes mirror images of each other.

Whichever you prefer, you’re adding a ton of visual interest.

Lacing shoes diagonal comparison
Lacing shoes diagonal comparison

Lacing your shoes in the Diagonal manner can be done with both open and closed lacing. 

However, it looks better the greater number of eyelet pairs you have on your shoe.

If you’re lacing shoes with 4 eyelet pairs or less, the double-helix look won’t be as pronounced.

Diagonal shoe lacing instructional infographic
Diagonal shoe lacing instructional

Straight Bar

Dress shoes with straight laced
Straight laced

Whoever said being straight-laced meant being boring didn’t know about the straight bar method.

The Straight Bar look is another easy way to lace your dress shoes while adding a little bit of quirk to your getup.

Straight bar shoe lacing style comparison
Straight bar shoe lacing style comparison

The Straight Bar style of lacing your shoes can be done with both open and closed lacing, making it the most versatile of the styles listed here.

This sleek look is a hit, no matter how many eyelet pairs your shoes have.

From 3 eyelets all the way up to 6 pairs, this method looks good.   

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All Tied Up

With these three lacing styles under your belt (and on your feet), your shoes are sure to shine.

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