The Best Bacon-Themed Clothing, Accessories & More A tasteful trend

A hundred years ago crispy bacon slacks, delectable bacon shoes and greasy bacon ties dominated the fashion landscape. One couldn’t cross the street without being bowled over by an army of bacon-clad Baconiers sporting their thick-cut bacon hats and iconic peppered bacon scarves.

The Infamous Bacon Dandies of London

Then abruptly bacon fashion fell out of favor. This all but destroyed the bacon textile industry and thousands of bacon farmers struggled to feed their families. Fortunately for fashion-forward bacon lovers everywhere, Nature’s amazing meat-candy is making a seriously savory comeback. Get your fashion lips around this salty new fashion fad with our favorite bacon-themed picks. Bon Appetit.


Bacon is an Accessory

  1. Old Major Bacon Bourbon
  2. Bacon Shirt from Pizza Shirt
  3. Bacon Watch from NeatoShop
  4. Bacon Socks from Ashi Dashi
  5. Bacon Bandages from ThinkGeek
  6. Sizzlin’ Bacon Tie from
  7. Bacon Savory Lollipops from Vat 19
  8. Bacon Belt from NeatoShop
  9. Bacon Wallet from ThinkGeek
  10. Bacon iPad Sleeve from filz:stueck