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The Dr. Will See You Now: A Guide To Dr. Martens The Dr. will see you now

From the E.R. to the runway, Dr. Martens has spent the past 60+ years as the ultimate roadie. The brand was born with function over fashion in mind during World War II, when Dr. Klaus Martens was unhappy with the comfort of standard-issue army boots.

Dr. Martens eventually became best known for it’s nostalgic appearance as the punk rocker’s boot, having grown to comfort the soles of many celebrities and influencers over decades. After planting its subcultural roots in the 80s and 90s with bands like , the brand has recently seen a massive resurgence in pop culture. Dr. Martens is back and has begun making necessary house calls to all types of patients; ranging from the rockstar to the rapper.

No matter your style, Dr. Martens has a remedy for you, with no insurance required.

The Rockstar

Spikes, leather and a bad-ass attitude are all perfect descriptions of rockstars and the footwear that accompanies them on stage. Dr. Martens offers just that with it’s new twists on their classic 1460, 1461 and 1490 boot and shoe styles for their fall/winter and spring/summer 2013 collections. No Doubt, F.U.N, and Neon Trees all have recently rocked out in Dr. Martens in sold-out arenas. Join in the mosh pit with these styles:

The Rapper

Rapping about enduring a hard-knock struggle-filled childhood, or flaunting an extremely lavish lifestyle seems a lot more relatable to the average consumer when both rapper and fan alike are rocking the same footwear. Hip hop and R&B heavy-weights such as Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and Lil John have all flaunted their prescribed footwear from Dr. Martens. Get the street-cred worthy look with the styles below:

The Starlet

Signing autographs, remembering scripts and spending hours under non-energy efficient lighting must be a daunting task for famed big screen names like Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel, and Justin Timberlake – but they all do it so well. The aforementioned are also fans of Dr. Martens, and sport them regularly along with their Hollywood neighbors. When in LA do as the in-crowd does, and grab attention with Dr. Marten styles like these:

The Trendsetter

One minute you’re in and the next you’re out in the game of fashion. Dr. Martens continues to offer different colorways, textures, and styles for their now iconic footwear. Rain boots, sandals and brogues are all part of the brand’s family tree, but many consumers fail to realize. However in recent times, many men’s and women’s fashion outlets have gravitated to Dr. Martens, making them a love mark in editorial spreads and features. Stay ahead of the game with these trendsetting styles from Dr. Martens:

So in the end, whether your planning to scream and rock out with your favorite band or you just want to channel your inner LA hipster, Dr. Martens has the perfect piece of iconography for you.

Julian Thomas
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