It’s a whole new world for workplace fashion with the 2022 hybrid schedule.

The Hybrid Work Wardrobe: What to Wear Now?

Going “back to work” in 2022 is confusing as far as daily work wardrobe goes. With a seemingly never-ending pandemic, it’s also ever-changing. How many days a week will you work from home? How often will you have to commute to the office now and into the near future? Given these variables, looking at your closet still filled with the T-shirts and sweatpants from 2020 must be a daily stress-inducing event. 

But don’t stress. You’re not alone. According to a recent report from TrendAnalytics: “There are 123K average weekly searches for business casual, +62% to last year. Search interest fell in March 2020 – directly correlated with the outbreak of COVID-19. In January 2021, as businesses released their return-to-work plan, searches for business casual began growing at a steady rate.”

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Business-casual has been cool since the ‘80s

Casualization of office attire did not start with COVID-19 – but the pandemic did accelerate it. The Silicon Valley boom in the ‘80s and ‘90s saw tech workers dress down due to the long hours required and the nature of the work, and this trend continued well into the 2000s and 2010s as companies sought to attract and retain employees. Fast forward to January 2021 with 56 percent of Americans working from home, many continued to follow the same relaxed fashion trend. Now, with offices open again and hybrid schedules the new normal (at least for now), a nice button-down shirt and sweatpants for the Zoom call just aren’t going to cut it anymore. 

Luckily, is here to help with the hybrid schedule workwear. 

Formal yet flexible shirts for the new wardrobe

Though relaxed dress codes have been embraced in offices for decades, formal suits and ties have been the norm up to even 10 years ago. Since the pandemic, demand for tailored apparel has evolved but with more flexibility in mind. Here are examples offers to those still seeking a formal but comfortable look: 

Evan aqua or purple dress shirt:

This 100 percent cotton shirt feels smooth and cool to the touch – perfect for those hot summer days commuting in and out of the city without a jacket or getting on the Zoom calls with the boss from home. This shirt in either color looks great with or without a blazer and with or without a tie. If you opt for a tie, we recommend the globe green extra log tie or the whales red skinny tie

The Evan dress shirt will work with or without a full suit for your hybrid work schedule.

Porter blue dress shirt:

A classic fit but slightly fuller in the chest, waist, and sleeve for a more comfortable fit with a full suit, this shirt is also 100 percent cotton and will make you stand out in the office or working from home. Check out the Granham burgundy tie with the Arrow gunmetal tie bar to polish off your look. 

The Porter dress shirt is tailored for a more comfortable fit in work-from-home and office environments.

Untucked attire

Let’s talk about the “untucked” look for a minute. This isn’t the nervous and disheveled George Mcfly with half of his shirt hanging out while admitting his love for Lorraine in Back to the Future. Nor is it the same untucked look you got used to on your couch during COVID lockdown in your everyday leisurewear. has embraced the concept of wardrobe pieces that are comfortable at home but also functional and work-appropriate in the office – and look and feel great tucked in or untucked. 

Liam denim indigo casual shirt

This rugged and easy-to-take-care-of shirt is made 1.5 inches shorter than the average dress shirt – thus it looks great untucked for a relaxed look. If you decide a tie is right for the day, the Finn plum skinny tie would provide a sharp accessory. 

Tuck or untuck this rugged business casual shirt.

Finn navy blue casual shirt

Another shirt made to look great worn untucked features a classic design perfect for the office or the home workday. For a funny touch, confuse your coworkers with the 404 Error black skinny tie

This classic pattern fits perfectly with the new business-casual hybrid wardrobe.

Fill your apparel with patterns and floral designs 

Men do not need to shy away from bright colors and unique designs – and yes, maybe even a throwback nod to your dad’s paisley tie – with today’s relaxed workwear environment. offers an array of these kinds of casual pieces:

Carter white casual shirt

A comfortable white shirt that looks like it’s sprayed with a little paint will make for a fun change-up – and why not pair it with this gray self-tie bow tie

A fun pattern makes a bold statement in the office or at home.

Brooks floral casual shirt

Available in white or navy blue, this shirt will look great tucked or untucked. The Tully black skinny tie is a great option to add to it on your days in the office. 

Floral patterns look great with or without a suit and tie.

Though relaxed office wear has been en vogue since the ‘80s, a resurgence of the uncomfortable tailored business suit of the Yuppie era is highly unlikely given today’s circumstance of the hybrid work schedule. At the same time, the pajama pants and fuzzy slippers of the 2020 COVID-19 work-from-home era need to stay in the bedroom closet where they belong.

Look to for more options on how to manage this ever-changing hybrid workplace fashion landscape to perfect your own evolving wardrobe.

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