The 70th annual Golden Globes took place last night in LA, with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler owning the show and giving us something comical every step of the way. The stars were stunning and gave us all topics for today’s water-cooler conversations. Seeing how most of the focus is usually on the women and the gorgeous gowns, The Gentle Manual would like to give some much-deserved attention to the best dressed men of the show:


As possibly the biggest winner of the evening, Ben Affleck also scored high points in the style department with this impeccably tailored tux.


The Silver Linings Playbook actor Bradley Cooper matched his classic good looks with a dashing tuxedo. He was one of the many who got bold with peak lapels.

Daniel Day-Lewis

It’s no surprise Daniel Day-Lewis took home the Golden Globe for best actor in the drama category. The Lincoln star wore a timeless tux with a shawl collared lapel.


Leonardo DiCaprio may not have won a Golden Globe last night, but we appreciate the Django Unchained actor being on target with his classic tux and charming bowtie combo.


Going slightly against the grain, Robert Pattinson rocked a black skinny tie with a slim-fitting suit. Fellas, this is a perfect example of the perfect pant length – take note.


It’s not too often you’ll catch John Goodman on a best dressed list, but he has earned the right in this case. Often men of larger frames will end up in a suit that makes them look even bigger, but here is one that is appropriately tailored.


Hugh Jackman took home an award for his performance in Les Miserables. His range in cinema is comparable to his range in fashion. Always pulling it off with enthusiasm and charisma.


When George Clooney steps out onto the red carpet, it’s always a bulls eye. He is dressed like the dapper gentleman he’s become, and having the lovely Stacy Kiebler on his arm doesn’t hurt his image one bit.


Funny man Chris Tucker has showed us his versatility in film and he translates that to his style. The Silver Linings Playbook supporting actor brings such an energy to the red carpet with his over-sized bowtie, and looks plenty sharp doing it.


Last, but most certainly not least, is The Gentle Manual’s personal hero Robert Downey Jr. The effortless confidence this guy exudes is his best style accessory no matter what wears. We’re huge fans of the textured jacket and subtly printed bowtie that made Robert stand out from the rest. Bravo!

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