Man in striped 4th of July tank top

A Star-Spangled Guide to Fourth of July Style The right way to wear red, white and blue!

It’s that time of year again! Fourth of July is just around the corner which means it’s time dig out that ‘merica tank top that has been collecting dust in one of your drawers since college…actually on second thought, maybe it should just stay there. This year, The GentleManual is challenging you to step up your patriotic wardrobe game. We have rounded up our favorite red white and blue looks to help you pull together a Fourth of July style that even the founding fathers would approve of. No matter what your independence day plans are, we’ve got you covered.

Parade Apparel

Our Fourth of July Style Parade Look

You will be hard-pressed to name something more American than worn out denim jeans. We decided it’s time to put an updated spin on this look by incorporating a piece you probably already have in your closet. In comes the denim shirt. Pair your shirt with a pair of crisp red trousers and white sneakers for an all American look. If that still isn’t patriotic enough for you, we recommend adding a touch of class with this U.S.A. striped tie to pull the entire look together. This preppy combo is sure to turn heads away from the fireworks.

Fourth of July Style at a Barbecue

Our Fourth of July Style Barbecue Look

News Flash! Flannels aren’t just for cowboys anymore! The old west staple has worked its way off the cattle ranches and into men’s closets across America. If a casual Fourth of July style is more your speed, try this easy-going ‘fit to effortlessly achieve your red white and blue look. Try pairing a red and white flannel with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Top it off with a cool navy blue bomber jacket to tie it all together. But wait we not finished! We recommend throwing these festive “let feet-dom ring” socks on underneath desert boots for just a hint of the iconic stars n’ stripes we know and love!

Beach Blowout


Our Fourth of July Style Beach Look

If you’re headed to the beach this independence day, we recommend this beach-inspired ensemble. You’ll keep cool while looking hot! Whether you’re grilling out on the sand or just kicking back with an ice cold beer, this look can effortlessly go from sea to land. You can leave the hassle of a wardrobe change once the sun goes down, behind. Start by throwing on a white linen shirt. Linen is the perfect fabric to wear to the beach especially with Fourth of July style. It’s light and breathable material allows the salty breeze to flow right in. It provides a classic look without outshining the real star of the outfit, the shorts. Add a colorful pair of swim shorts to act as a pop of color for the outfit. 

Fourth of July Yacht Party

Yacht Ready Fourth of July Style Look

If you are fortunate enough to have a boat (or find a friend who has a boat), then we have the perfect outfit for you! Since you are traveling on the high seas this fourth of July, try channeling a nautical inspired look into your patriotic apparel.  Pair a navy and white striped long sleeve tee with red or navy drawstring shorts. Top off the outfit with accessories like a hat and sunglasses to keep you cool all day long.

Our Look Fourth of July Style

Our Fourth of July Style Look

No matter which look you go with, we hope you have a safe and happy fourth! Let us know your 4th of July plans in the comments below.

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