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The Tailor Truck: The Future of Custom Suiting? This could change the way we tailor suits forever

Gone are the days when wearing a suit two sizes too big was cool.  It’s all about tailoring to the T. One man who understands and has built a business around this is Carlos Solorio.

After he and co-founder Mike Abadi launched the Arden Reed brand with the help of Kickstarter, a site that allows people to fund creative projects, the duo is now venturing into new territory with “The Tailor Truck” – a unique traveling tailor service with a precise 3D body scanner that will soon be hitting a city near you, with suits starting at only $397.

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Utilizing Kickstarter once again, Arden Reed is currently more than halfway through their goal of raising $20,000 by May 17th to start this new exciting chapter in their business.

We had a chance to catch up with Carlos and find out more about how he got his start in the custom suiting business, details about The Tailor Truck as well as important tips to consider before buying a suit:

The GentleManual: What inspired you to get started in this business?

Carlos: “It was actually my co-founder’s problem that inspired us. He has an odd shape (tall and skinny) and could never find anything that fit properly. He was in Asia and ended up purchasing a custom suit. After he got back to his University, people noticed. They asked him where he got it and he ended up selling to them directly from the same tailor. He eventually became the go to guy for suiting at his University.

From there, the business evolved and he went on to work in corporate America where we met. I got wind of what he was doing and after trying a suit on, I asked him if he’d be interested in building something bigger. Something that would help more men and build a bigger vision. It ended up working out. We teamed up, launched on Kickstarter and ended up raising five times our goal. The rest is history.”

Can you explain in more detail how The Tailor Truck will work?

“We’re partnering with several brick and mortar stores in each city where folks can find us. Once you’re inside, you’ll be whisked into our 3D scanning area. We’ll snap your measurements and from there you’ll be able to touch and feel the fabrics we have, as well as start designing your first custom suit.

Arden Reed Tailor Truck

“Once the order is processed it will take about four to six weeks to deliver the suit. It is handmade and nothing is created until you place your order.”

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Can you give our readers a few tips to consider when buying a suit?

“Definitely! Fit is the most important thing to consider when you purchase a suit. I like to say that 80% of the value comes from the fit of the suit, the remainder is in the details. There are a few measurements to check, but the most important is ensuring that the shoulders are snug and fitted. Its nearly impossible to fix the shoulders even with a professional tailor. To check, put the jacket on and then lean against a flat wall. If the shoulder pad hits the wall before your shoulder does, it’s too big!”

To see more details about The Tailor Truck and to back the project, click here.

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