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The Top 34 Hairstyles for Men | 2020 A comprehensive guide to the trendiest hairstyles of 2019

Great news fellas. The days of strict rules pertaining to the hair on your head and face are long gone. With that in mind, it might be time for you to get a little wild and switch to one of the most popular hairstyles of 2020. If you’ve been looking for a hot new look, this list is for you. A guy’s hairstyle can be one of the best ways to stand out from the everyday suit and tie; especially now that pop-friendly and disheveled looks are becoming commonplace at the office. With today’s vast options for styling your flow, it’s hard to choose just one.  So, after consulting our guide for How To Tell Your Barber What You Want, let’s check out some of the best-looking hairstyles of 2020.  If you’re late to the game and wondering what’s popular this year in the world of hair, fear not. Many of the short undercuts and fades that have been growing in popularity are still the way to go. Looking for something a bit louder? Check out the pompadours and quiffs. This list will act as your guide for finding and inspiring a look that suits you. 

1. High Skin Fade + Hard Part Comb Over

High Skin Fade + Hard Part Comb Over
@churchbarber on Instagram

As you browse this list looking for your new look, you will come across a variety of fades and fade combos. A fade is a hairstyle that gradually ‘fades’ your hair into your skin by cutting it increasingly shorter, ending just above your natural hairline. The high skin fade with a hard part comb over, makes for a pronounced but bold look that has been popular for years. Add a little pomade (we like Uppercut Deluxe matte pomade) for a matte texture and you’re good to go.

2. Crew Cut + High Fade and Full Beard

Crew Cut + High Fade and Full Beard
@churchbarber on Instagram

The crew cut with a twist. Looking for a style that accentuates that well-manicured beard? Go for a classic crew cut. The lines of a high fade take the crew cut to a new level of modern with class. Just add an epic beard!

3. Textured Top + Taper Fade and Beard

 Textured Top + Taper Fade and Beard
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

Style the short top as you would with any shorter cut. The tapered fade acts as a bridge from rugged up top to business down below making it the perfect look for someone who works hard and plays harder. Chances are you’ve seen this look on your favorite icons.

4. Slicked Back Undercut + Long Beard

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This longer-haired look and impressive beard is going to be for those of you blessed with straight hair and epic facial hair growth. For those lucky enough to fall into this category, congratulations, you will truly be the envy of every guy who isn’t looking like a cast member from Vikings. 

5. Buzz Cut + Fade

Buzz Cut + Fade
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

Simple, classic and easy to style. The buzz cut has long been popular for guys for it’s sleek, no-fuss maintenance. Add a modern tapering fade and you’ve got one of the hottest styles of 2020. Bonus: it looks good with any hair type.

6. High Skin Pompadour + Beard

High Skin Pompadour + Beard
@bodiabarber on Instagram

The classic pompadour features a shiny, sculpted look. This modern version, with shaved sides and a thick part that make the pomp stand out, mirrors the classic roots while offering more versatility. Add in a little stubble and you’ve got a whole new look. This cut is for guys with thicker hair.

7. Thick Curly Hair + High Bald Taper Fade

Thick Curly Hair + High Bald Taper Fade
@churchbarber on Instagram

Leave it long on top and show off the curls! The clean high bald taper fade on the sides and back emphasizes the texture of the epic curls on top. 

8. Side Part + Mid Fade

Side Part + Mid Fade
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

This shorter cut brings back another classic look with a more relaxed fade. Brush the top to one side and style your hair with matte textured product (we are currently obsessed with Imperial Barber matte pomade brand) to ensure that the part is pronounced but still looks natural.

9. Wavy Fringe + Low Taper Fade

Wavy Fringe + Low Taper Fade
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

This guy’s haircut is great for those with a little bit of rebel in their locks. If your hair is tough to tame, this low taper fade with short wavy hair makes for an easy to manage, stylish look.

10. Burst Fade Fohawk

Burst Fade Fohawk
@twists_sponge on Instagram

Not everyone can pull off the faux-hawk. But if you can and you want to look a little wild, this is the cut for you. Playing on the edgy style of the fohawk fade, the burst fade makes this fohawk a bit more rock n’ roll. Stock up on some heavy-duty pomade (like Layrite Superhold pomade) to keep this spiky.

11. Comb Over + Part and Taper Fade

Comb Over + Part and Taper Fade
@fellowbaber on Instagram

The comb over fade is a very popular cool men’s haircut. The clean look of the hard part and taper fade keep this both business professional and laid back casual.

12. Low Taper Fade + Long Textured Slick Back

Low Taper Fade + Long Textured Slick Back
@dogpatchbarber on Instagram

This rad medium-length cut deviates from is shorter-haired, slicked back cousin by adding volume to the hair. The low taper fade keeps the sides and back neat while the textured top makes a big statement.

13. Textured Quiff + Low Fade and Part

Textured Quiff + Low Fade and Part
@thyartishair on Instagram

Simply one of the best haircuts in 2020, the textured locks on top and hard part make for a stand out hairstyle. The low fade dresses the sides and back finishing off a look that simply shouts class.

14. Low Skin Fade + Shape Up and Pompadour

Low Skin Fade + Shape Up and Pompadour
@fellowbarber on Instagram

The textured look of the pompadour is a great way to mix it up with your hair game. Add in a low skin fade with a clean shape up and you’re sporting one of the hottest hairstyles of 2020.

15. Brushed Back Hair + Long Sides

Brushed Back Hair + Long Sides
@fellowbarber on Instagram

If you’ve got the flow to pull the brushed back textured look, this is a hot option. Trash the taper and leave the sides a bit longer here. We also recommend growing out a clean beard to play on that rugged look.

16. Short French Crop + High Bald Fade

Short French Crop + High Bald Fade
@fellowbarber on Instagram

Depending on your hair type, this cool men’s haircut will require little or no styling. The short length and high bald fade allow you to take a minimalist approach in effort while rocking a very hip look.

17. Faux Hawk + Skin Fade and Hair Design

Faux Hawk + Skin Fade and Hair Design
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

Here we have another version of the always cool fauxhawk. Clean sides etched with fresh lines will spruce up the fade. The length of the hawk determines how much this cut stands out. Whether you want to keep it tame or go full rockstar is up to you.

18. Man Bun + Beard

Man Bun + Beard
@daniel.reith on Instagram

If you’ve grown out a long mane of hair, congratulations, long hair is in and so is the man bun. The man bun has become commonplace in 2020. Grow out a beard to compliment all the hard work on top and you’ll be the coolest dude in the coffee shop.

19. High Bald Fade + Hard Side Part

High Bald Fade + Hard Side Part
@dogpatchbarber on Instagram

Similar to many of the other high bald fades on this list, the detail that sets this popular men’s cut apart is the hard side part. Style this with some medium-shine pomade (like BYRD Light pomade) to really highlight the part and the short hair on top.

20. Brushed Up Hair + Low Taper Fade and Design

Brushed Up Hair + Low Taper Fade and Design
@SlickGorilla on Instagram

If you’ve been endowed with thicker hair that styles easily, this might be the hot new hairstyle for you. A shock of medium brushed up hair on top and a low taper fade below are further embellished by adding some design to your lines.

21. High Skin Fade + Quiff and Beard

High Skin Fade + Quiff and Beard
@BraidBarbers on Instagram

The iconic look of the classic quiff makes for a great starting point for a hot new look. Throw in a high skin fade and a nicely tapered beard and you have one of the coolest men’s hairstyles of 2020. 

22. Mid Skin Fade + Slicked Comb Over Hair

Mid Skin Fade + Slicked Comb Over Hair
@dogpatchbarber on Instagram

The slicked comb over styled with a higher shine pomade (like Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade brand) and a mid skin fade come together to create a fresh look. Like other shorter cuts on this list, the style time shouldn’t be too bad either.

23. Undercut Mohawk + Edge Up and Beard

Undercut Mohawk + Edge Up and Beard
@mrfadencut on Instagram

The mohawk has truly come back into fashion in 2020. An undercut will highlight the hairstyle while a well-trimmed beard with a sharp edge up makes for some epic lines.

24. Undercut + Textured Top and Beard

Undercut + Textured Top and Beard
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

Here the undercut is paired with a textured top. You can use a little bit of your own style to decide how much matte or shine you want on top. The final piece to finish off this look is a beard.

25. High Skin Fade + Tramline and Wavy Thick Hair

High Skin Fade + Tramline and Wavy Thick Hair
@dogpatchbarber on Instagram

A high skin fade is always a hip choice if you have wavy hair. A tramline look will further set you apart from the standard (but still cool) high skin fade.

26. Messy Side Swept Hair + Short Sides and Beard

Messy Side Swept Hair + Short Sides and Beard
@anthonythebarber916 on Instagram

For those of you who want to deviate from the clean look of the fade, you have options. Bring the sides in but go for a messy side-swept look. Throw in a beard and you’ve got that relaxed but serious look.

27. Bald Fade + Pompadour

Bald Fade + Pompadour
@churchbarber on Instagram

This hot cut will stand out. The high pompadour finished with a bald fade will catch eyes for the right reasons. Be prepared to spend some time styling!

28. Fade + Quiff and Beard

Fade + Quiff and Beard
@churchbarber on Instagram

The trifecta of a classic quiff, standard fade, and an ultra-popular beard make this the go-to look for 2020 men’s hairstyling You really can’t go wrong.

29. Disconnected Undercut + Textured Slick Back

Disconnected Undercut + Textured Slick Back
@dogpatchbarber on Instagram

Longer and slicked back locks on top with a disconnected undercut on bottom make this classic look pop. The slicked-back look has never truly gone out of style but it sure has become more popular in 2020.

30. Textured Spiky Hair + Temp Fade

Textured Spiky Hair + Temp Fade
@churchbarber on Instagram

Medium length hair styled with a spiky look has been, and probably always will be, cool. With the growing popularity of fades, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this look was revamped with a temp fade for one of the hottest looks on the list.

31. Taper Fade + Thick Comb Over

Taper Fade + Thick Comb Over
@fellowbaber on Instagram

If you have thick hair, take advantage of a BOLD comb over look. The flowing longish hair on top only looks better with a slick taper fade below. Kudos to those of you with the hair to pull this off.

32. High Razor Fade + Messy Spiked Hair

High Razor Fade + Messy Spiked Hair
@reyesthebarber on Instagram

Keeping it clean and business on the sides and back has always been in. Throw that messy matte pomade look on top and you have something new and refreshing.

33. High Fade + Brush Back and Beard

High Fade + Brush Back and Beard
@fellowbarber on Instagram

This popular men’s cut features medium length hair brushed back nicely. A high fade meets a manicured beard to top off another classic look with a modern twist.

34. Textured Slick Back + Low Fade and Line Up

Textured Slick Back + Low Fade and Line Up
@churchbarber on Instagram

It’s always cool to keep it clean on the back and sides. The low fade touched up with a fresh line up is only made better by the textured, slicked-back look on top. You can’t go wrong with this hot look.

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Now that you’ve made it through the list and seen the best men’s hairstyles of 2020, you’re ready to head to the barber. Looking for something to turn up the rest of your look? We’ve got you covered from head to toe. Don’t stop at the flow, make sure to complete the new you with everything from shirts to shoes at!