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To Drop-Crotch Or Not to Drop-Crotch Could this trend be coming back?

Stanley Burrell, or better known as early 90’s hip-hop sensation, MC Hammer, blessed our society with hits such as “Can’t Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 Quit.”Not to mention he showed us some pretty awesome dance moves that are sure to set you apart from any crowd. Of course he did all of this while donning his infamous “Hammer Pants.”

As of late, we’ve seen a resurgence of this drop-crotch pant style (also known as the harem pant) in menswear. Designers such as Givenchy and Rick Owens have channeled their inner Hammer and are prepared to shuffle. Recently, Kanye West and the most notorious sagger of them all, Justin Beiber, have been spotted letting it hang in the harem.

Up and coming designer, Dominique Wilkins, explains his reasoning behind the trend. “Both guys and girls, don’t want to have to sacrifice style for comfort. With harem pants you can still move and be comfortable but feel stylish. It’s the best party trend out right now.” Dominique would know, because when he’s not out partying around town, he’s busy creating one of a kind harem pants for his personal clothing label, FadedNYC.

Granted, you may or may not plan on executing a well choreographed dance routine that requires extensive legwork (hence your need of extra breathing room in the groin region), but it’s good to know you can be prepared to do just that with our pick of these harem pants. Can you see yourself rocking this trend?

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Humor Santiago
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