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Top Wedding Photo Tips From The Pros

If you’re like us, when it comes to taking wedding/engagement photos you have no clue where to start. When do you take them? How do you find a photographer? How do you pose? We were lost. So, we sought out some advice from our favorite photographers.

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Laura Palacios

“Just move. Don’t feel like you need to be static when the camera is pointed at you. Whisper, giggle, connect with your partner. Spin her, hold him, and relax. The more naturally you interact, the easier it will be to forget that pictures are being taken – and that’s when you’ll catch those real intimate moments and the magic of movement won’t be lost. If you need help feeling relaxed bring music along to the session.” – Laura Palacios

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Khoa Nguyen

“A tip that I usually give to my couples is to really enjoy each other’s company during the shoots. I tell them I’m just third wheelin on a date on engagement day and that’s when I’m able to get raw emotions from them.” – Khoa Nguyen

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Faith Rowley

“Your day is not about your wedding photos. It is about living in the moment and enjoying your special day. The right wedding photographer will capture your day as it unfolds so that you can remember it forever. But never base the entire day on your photos. Base the day on YOU and communicate with your photographer so that the day flows with your photographs in mind.” – Faith Rowley

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Parker Jones Photography

“Make sure you have a detailed wedding day timeline! It makes the day run so much smoother and allows so much more time for family and friends who are attending to see the bride and groom! A lot of wedding vendors charge by the hour, so when you can provide the vendors with a timeline you are most likely going to save money. Also, I make the timeline available to their guest and wedding party. That way everyone knows what’s going on and where to be!” – Parker Jones

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Chelsea Allegra

“For your engagement photos, focus on colors that work well together without matching completely! Having too much of the same color doesn’t photograph very well. Aim for neutrals and subtle prints.” – Chelsea Allegra

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Tara Beth

“Do a First Look! It will let you both get your crying out privately, have 10 minutes ALONE together, + have all your photographs taken before the ceremony so that you will be able to attend your cocktail hour.” – Tara Robertson

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Kelly Balch

“During the wedding day it can be hectic and overwhelming in the best ways, so the romantic portrait session, after the ceremony and during magic/golden hour, is their time. I like to take my couples away on an adventure, away from everyone’s energy from the day so that they can feel their own and each others’.” – Kelly Balch

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Mazelma Photography

“Trust your photographer! If you hire the right photographer, they’ll fix/catch the details and direct you in a way that’s fun and takes your focus off the little things like hand placement. Your photos are meant to be a fun experience, try to relax and enjoy this time with your honey!” – Shiloh Haia

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The Hursts Co.

“Pinterest and Instagram are great for ideas, but don’t focus on them too much. You are you and not the couple from the photo you just saved. If you want to eat tacos at your favorite spot in the city for your engagement session, do it. If you want to roller skate in your wedding dress as your entrance, do it! These are your moments to remember, so make them ones that feel the most you.” – Krista from the Hursts co.

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Elle Taylor

“Remember that you can’t do anything to mess it up! don’t worry about being “too awkward” or “not photogenic.” The first 15 minutes of your session will definitely feel strange if you have never had photos taken as a couple before, but once you get comfortable you’ll start having a ton of fun.” – Elle Taylor

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VILD Photography

“Do a “first look”! It is one of the only times in the day that you will have YOUR moment without everyone being around you. You can actually express your feelings, kiss and touch each other. If you wait until the ceremony you can’t tell each other how good you look or how excited you are without everyone of your guest hearing and seeing it all. A first look simply allows for more cute moments, less stress and more photos. You can be more relaxed and feel like you’re enjoying your day together as a couple and with everyone you have invited.” – Marie-Louise Palmqvist

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Ella Farrell

“Be open-minded to new ideas and suggestions but also bring your authentic selves! Don’t overthink it – enjoy the engagement session and wedding by simply spending time with your significant other and let your photographer do all the hard work.” – Ella Farrell

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Elizabeth Salazar Photography

“Engagements are such a fun way to really show off your love together & makes for a fun way of announcing to your friends & family that you’re getting married! Make sure to really communicate with your photographer about location & time beforehand & don’t be afraid to tell them what your vision is.” – Elizabeth Salazar

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Susan Jordan, Love Hunters 

“Instead of worrying about having to provide your photographer with a shot list, upon booking, give them the details of your wedding plans and ask them how they will approach documenting the day. Don’t be shy to ask for a full gallery if you still aren’t sure if they will cover the day how you envision it. Viewing their galleries should be less about matching similar wedding styles/venues to yours and more about the consistency in the quality, as well as the range and variety of shots the photographer can deliver from beginning to end.” – Susan Jordan, Love Hunters 

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Kaley Setzke

“If you’re constantly hung up on the things you can’t control, it’s going to show in your photos and will ultimately take away from the happy memories you want to be remembering. Just let it all go and I can promise you it will be incredible! Your vendors have your back and will do everything possible to make your day wonderful.” – Kaley Setzke 

So there you have it. Hire a photographer, do a first look, and RELAX, as long as you look good, everything else will fall into place. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the Wedding Shop to keep you looking great.

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