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Trending: Man-gagement Rings Can a diamond can be a man's best friend?

Why should women have all the fun with bling when they get engaged? More and more men are opting to wear “man-gagement” rings for various reasons.

Gay marriages, women proposing to men, men simply thinking it’s unfair for only a woman to get to wear an engagement ring –  these are some of the most popular reasons why man-gagement rings have been purchased from jewelers such as James Allen, the largest privately held diamond retailer of the world.

We caught up with James Allen to find out when this trend starting catching on, and to see what some of these manly styles look like:

The GentleManual: When did you begin selling mens engagement rings?

James Allen: “We began selling men’s rings in 2005. Starting in 2008, we began to see a slight surge in purchases and a larger surge over the last two years.”

What are the most common cases you’ve seen when it comes to people purchasing these rings?

Men volunteering to wear rings with their fiancées, and men proposing to men.”

Do you predict this trend will become more and more widespread?

“Yes, it seems as though the trend is only growing, especially as more and more states approve gay marriage. Also, research has shown that women are opening up to the idea of proposing to their boyfriends, and men are more likely to accept it!”

See below for James Allen’s most popular managagement ring styles:




11015 Designer Bar Princess Shaped Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Similar to the Cartier tank ring, this is the #1 selling Men’s Diamond Ring because of its classic lines and masculine appeal.




17211 Wide Squared Tension Set Engagement Ring:

Tension settings allow diamonds to “float” and be seen from every angle.   Tension designs like this one, however, achieve that lightness while still keeping a masculine appearance.




17318 Contoured Circles Tension V150 By Danhov Designer Engagement Ring:

Not every guy wants a 6-10mm wide band, so this Tension design is designed for a smaller center diamond (1/2ct) and is closer to 4mm in width.




18104 6mm Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring:

Men who want traditional metal (platinum) but want something other than a plain band often choose this design.  The ring gives a subtle amount of sparkle with the diamond accents and with the added milgraining, it goes from simple to unique.




11538 10mm Vertical Grooved Diamond Wedding Ring:

Men working with a budget love this wedding band.  You’re getting a chunky design that allows a man to wear diamonds and still have a super masculine ring at 10mm in width, all for around $700.




11555 7.5mm Comfort-Fit 3-Stone Black Diamond Design Ring (.20ct):

Another best seller for the budget-minded, black diamonds have been trending up the last few years, and this ring gives you a nice alternative to the normal men’s diamond ring with flush set black diamonds around the center – all for $350.


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