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How to Update Your Post College Pad It's time to graduate from that futon

We all know the transition from college to the real world can be challenging in more ways than one.  After you land your first entry-level job that provides a bit of discretionary income, one of the first lifestyle upgrades on your list should surely be your living space.  No girl likes to meet a college grad whose home still looks like a frat house.

Start with the couch. Everyone has that gross old futon that everyone has crashed on at least once. I know that couch has been through a lot and it probably holds a lot of fun memories of endless nights and awesome parties…but it’s time to move on. Here are some tips on choosing a couch with style, class, and comfort to let your guests know you’ve arrived

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Choose wisely when you’re taking this aspect of your decision into account. The material can be your most important decision depending on what you’re looking for. You could go with leather, pleather, or fabric. If you decide for leather, you get several qualities you won’t find in other fabrics such as durability. Leather couches, when taken care of, can last for a very long time with no visible wear. You’ll have to decide on the type of leather though. Young cow leather is very durable and young calf leather is very soft. Another leather option is buffalo, though it is a very hard leather. With leather, you’re looking at upwards of a 10 year life if cared for properly.

Fabric is another material. It will provide you with certain comfort, but can wear more visibly and quickly than leather or pleather. When choosing a fabric, you can go with 100% cotton or a cotton polyester blend. The ideal choice is 100% for comfort and stain removal. Always know that cleaning a fabric material couch you’ll have to treat it with more care and be careful when dealing with the cleaning. Dust tends to be more settling on this material, though 100% helps to counter this.

Pleather is also an option when determining the material for your couch, but it can be less aesthetically pleasing than leather. Often it will appear very dull and has an almost sticky feel. It is easy to clean and lasts for a long time, yet the components of the material are very chemically driven.


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Price will always play largely into your decision process. This doesn’t have to limit your options in the least bit though. There are plenty of extremely affordable ways to get exactly what you want. Know that your couch is going to be there for a while, so price can be an enormous factor. No one wants to spend $2500 on a couch. We understand. But take a minute to really assess your price range and the long-term value for spending the money now. You will be looking at prices from $200 to $2000. It all depends where you’re shopping. Just know two things. Be prepared to make the investment and know the worth of your investment. Couches get used quite a bit and you’ll definitely get your moneys worth if you’ll willing to spend it.


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For this, you have to take into consideration what it is you’re going for. How do you want it to look? What do you want it to say? There are too many variables that come into play here. To help this decision easy, we’ve narrowed it down. Traditional or modern. If your living area looks like a scene from A Clockwork Orange, you’ll likely be best for modern. Though if you live like Martha Stewart, that choice is obvious too. So to get down further, think about your space. What suits it the best? A sectional can really fit well into certain living areas. Piecing together a combination sofa and love seat will open up the space and give a more flowing feeling. It all comes down to the best match for the space honestly. Know one knows your space like you. Therefore, making this decision is extremely subjective.


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This could be numero uno on almost everyone’s list. Comfort in your couch is always top priority. If it wasn’t, we’d all be sitting on cinder blocks and milk crates. Don’t be afraid to test the comfort by sitting on the prospects while shopping. Hell, even lay on them if you have to. Get a solid understanding of what it is you enjoy resting your backside on. The material plays into this aspect a fair amount. Leather can provide just as much comfort as fabric, so it’s not always a tell-tale sign where you’ll find the comfort though. Your brand can be very telling as well. Lazy Boy always has comfortable options, but several other couch makers are just as experienced in bringing comfortable couches to living rooms near you. Just remember to try out the couch you’re looking at. Take your time. Come back several times if need be. The salesman might wonder if you’re going to buy the couch or start getting your mail forwarded there, but who cares? This is a big decision, take all the time you need.


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Since your couch wears so many different hats, you have to know what your couch’s real purpose is. Will you be entertaining a fair amount? Will you be relaxing at home? The way your couch plays into your lifestyle is definitely a reasonable question to factor in. If you do enjoy entertaining and playing host, you want your guests to enjoy their time spent on the sofa, though you don’t want people falling asleep in the middle of your board game night.  If you often fall asleep on your couch and intend to have overnight guests over much then you’re going to want to focus on comfort as well. But more in the neighborhood of real comfort, not stiff sitting space. When deciding, every one of these factors must be considered in a well-rounded manner. This couch will become the centerpiece for your living space, make sure it does what you need it to do.

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