Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her Have a stress-free Valentine's Day

We’re coming upon the big day of the year for couples, and those still seeking their lovers. No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day is not a day you want to mess up for fear of irreparable consequences. That being said, the pressure is on, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. These 10 Valentine’s Day gems should ease the tension and get you inspired to create a love-filled day. So sit back and tap into your inner cupid.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her ... a Heart Neckerchief from

1. Red Tossed Hearts Neckerchief from, $14

Let your lady flaunt your love with this cute heart-filled neckerchief. For the true lady of style, surround her with love and the duds to match! Wrap this scarf around a box of chocolates and give her a fashionable treat she can enjoy year-round.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Wireless Speaker (for rocking her heart out)

2. iHome Mini Wireless Speaker from Urban Outfitters, $40

A perfect pair to your thoughtfully curated playlist so she can tap into your melodic sentiments everyday for all the world to hear! This little number will keep you in mind every time  any love-song is played. Whether it’s a new crush or a long-time love, she definitely loves music and why not gain her good graces every time she listens to it?


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her - "You Complete Me" Puzzle, give her a piece of your heart

3. You Complete Me Jigsaw Puzzle from Urban Outfitters, $17

Love can be complicated and tricky, but once you find that missing piece, you feel complete. Show your darling that you’ve finally found your missing piece with this symbolic puzzle that will make all doubts a thing of the past. This simple heartfelt gift says a lot to your sweetie without all the opulence.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Get her an airplant vessel and grow your love

4. Airplant Vessel in Hand Finished Wood from AirplantMan, $45

The perfect gift for a budding new romance, these airplant vessels will symbolize the growth of your new-found feelings. This gift will tickle the fancy of any nature-lover or those with an affinity for eco-friendliness. Just add an airplant, and watch your love grow!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - An arrow from Cupid, enough said

5. Arrow Ring from Wasteland, $28

The proof is in the pudding. Show how cupid stole your heart by giving her the the arrow that started it all. Give her a token of your affection without the weight of giving her “the ring.” This tiny trinket will surround her with assurance that she is your one and only.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Tell her you love her to the moon and back with this golden necklace

6. Moon Necklace from Wasteland, $32

She is your sun, your moon, and all of your stars. Show her she is always in your thoughts with this glinting moon necklace that will cause tons of  beaming smiles in return. Wrap it around a bouquet of spring flowers or a dozen roses and keep the smiles coming and your darling in love.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her - an Instant Camera for instant fun!

7. Instant Camera from Urban Outfitters, $100

Celebrate every moment and memory with this nifty little camera that pops out a picture on the spot. Keep your love old-school  and embrace the good times for forever and a day. Post your photos around the bedroom and let them bring you back to all of your better moments together.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her - a lucky watch for your lucky lady

8. Luxury Black Leather Analog Watch from American Apparel, $38

Give your leading lady only the best for your special day. Remind her how valuable she is in your life and give her wrist some company with this basic, yet luxurious timepiece. Not only will this piece keep your sentiments strong, but it will help keep her on time and save you many hours waiting for her to get ready.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her - say I love you with Elephant Salt Shakers

9. Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set from Mod Cloth, $13

Set the table with love this Valentine’s Day and remind her there’s  no other dame you’d rather be dining with. These embracing elephants will keep your love seasoned perfectly and make sure it never turns bland. Be the pepper to her salt, the universal pair.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her - giver her hands a squeeze with pink texting gloves

10. Texting Gloves in Berry from, $5

Keep her hands toasty while texting and she’ll be sure to always text back… well, hopefully. The tips of the first 3 fingers are touch-screen-savvy so she can use her smartphone regardless of the weather. Help your girl get back to you with these little numbers.

Well, there you have it! We hope you clicked your way to the perfect gift and solidified your plans for a day full of smooches and smiles. Now, mount your white horse and go forth to win her heart!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her

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