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The GentleManual’s Valentine’s Gift Guide Not everyone wants roses and chocolates

Choosing the perfect gift for your valentine can be tricky. While you may want to avoid the cliche chocolate and flowers, it’s easy to fall prey to the supermarket displays that scream “convenient and inexpensive!” Yes, these are convenient and inexpensive, but they’re also boring. Your valentine is special (right?), but  you don’t need to blow your entire paycheck to make her feel appreciated. No matter what type of lady you’re with, our gift guide is sure to help you find something that fits her personality and interests. Read on and prepare to impress her with your gift-giving game.

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The Fashion Lover

More than likely, this girl already has a defined personal style, and a clothing item you choose for her may not fit the bill. We suggest going for a statement accessory, like one of these clutches, that will make her outfits even more unique than they already are. Not only will she appreciate the thought, you’ll also get extra brownie points for showing that you pay attention to what she wears.

1. Marble Box Clutch Bag, ASOS $48 

2. Shimmer Quilted Clutch Bag, Topshop $48


The Foodie with a Sweet Tooth

This girl eats just as much as you do, if not more, and she’s always down to try that new hole-in-the-wall dessert place that just opened up across town. She’s also a master in the kitchen, always coming up with new recipes and tweaking them to perfection. Join her in her next baking pursuit and pick up some novelty kitchen gadgets that you can use together.   

1. Heart Measuring Cups, Amazon $18 

2.  2-Piece Melamine Mixing Bowl Set, Wayfair $25


The Beauty Addict

This girl already has her own particular beauty routine complete with products that she’s hand-selected through a long process of trial and error, and there’s simply no messing with that. But, every beauty guru needs a cool makeup bag. Bonus points if you fill it up with sweet treats before gifting it to her.

1. Gypsy Warrior Late Clutch, Forever 21 $16

2.  Skinnydip London Party in Your Makeup Bag, Nasty Gal $20


The Fitness Fanatic

You admire her drive to take care of herself, and she might even inspire you to put in work yourself. Help her stay stylish while at the gym with a fun yoga mat or a gym bag. Either way, throw in a couple of encouraging notes to get her through her next tough workout.

1. Ticket Stripe Getaway Duffle Bag, Amazon $54

2. Wildlings Yoga Badlands Yoga Mat, Urban Outfitters $78



The Geek

Whether she’s a Trekkie, a Potterhead, a gamer girl, or a math geek, there’s a mug out there for her. This gift is both practical and cute, and it shows that you pay attention to her interests and the little things that make her happy. Gift it to her with a homemade fruit arrangement crafted nicely inside the mug to add a personal touch. 

1. Espresso Patronum Travel Mug, Etsy $16

2. Talk Nerdy To Me Travel Mug, Amazon $20


The Tech Enthusiast

Dating a techie? If she’s never seen without her iPhone, choose a fun phone case for her. That way, she’ll be taking something from you with her wherever she goes.

1. Camera iPhone 6 Case, Kate Spade $28

2. Felony Case Kaleidoscope iPhone 6 Case, Urban Outfitters $40


The Bookworm

Would your special someone rather spend her lazy afternoons curled up in her favorite blanket reading by the window? If you’re with an avid reader, give her some new books to devour, like a couple of modern romances. Personalize them with a handwritten Post-It note on the first page for a simple but special touch.

1. A Different Blue by Amy Harmon, Amazon $13

2. Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino, Amazon $10


The Girl Who Gets Stuff Done

She works hard, killing it both in the workplace and at home. Go for some nice pens that’ll make color-coding and To-Do lists easy and fun. Also, encourage her to take some time for herself with a happiness planner.

1. The Happiness 100-Day Planner, Anthropologie $30

2. Stabilo 88 Point 30 Color Wallet, Amazon $16


The Activist

This girl has passion for something larger than herself, and often makes her voice heard on issues that matter. We think that’s pretty noble, don’t you? Pick up a cool wall print or special accessory that reflects the issues closest to her heart.

1. Alesia Fisher “For Everyone”, inPrnt $15-40

2. Sunshine Collar, Thirty One Bits $75



The Adventurer

This girl’s go-get-em attitude and hunger for new experiences inspire you every day, no matter how long you’ve been together. Give her one of those experiences and plan an adventure for the both of you. Finally take that road trip you’ve been talking about or go on a romantic hike together. She’ll be especially impressed that you planned out the whole day yourself.


This Valentine’s Day, show her how well you know her by selecting a gift that matches her lifestyle. She’ll appreciate both the thought you put into it and the time you took to make her day special.

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