Valentine’s Day Meal

Valentine’s Day In A Pinch No one will know you forgot to get a gift

Valentine’s Day will be February 14th this year. Come to think of it, it’s February 14th every year! How do we always forget!?

If she says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, she’s lying – so you have to do something special. Here are tips to turn last minute
planning into an unforgettable experience.

Put it off:

A great gift could be a promise of something to come later.

Websites like are filled with unique date ideas, usually at a fraction of the original price. Be warned; women love tangible things.

If you surprise her with a couple’s cooking class, you could get her something like a customized spatula to go with it. A small gift related to the Groupon gift makes it extra special.

Don’t forget the Staples:

Flowers, chocolate, and cards are so cliche – but they still work! To avoid making these staples look last minute:

Don’t just buy red roses, and don’t buy flowers from a street corner. Pick flowers that are your sweetheart’s favorite color.

Buy chocolate from a Chocolatier, not the grocery store. If she doesn’t like chocolate, you could buy a standard heart-shaped box of chocolate and replace the chocolate with her favorite candy.

You can even take it as far as skipping Hallmark and head to Michael’s Arts and Crafts instead.

A custom-made card shows creativity, and even if it sucks, she will think it’s adorable. Fill it with inside jokes and those embarrassing pet names.

You have to eat:

If you wait too long, you won’t be able to make a reservation – so plan on going to a restaurant that does not take reservations.

There are plenty of fancy spots that do this, giving every couple a fair shot the day of.

If you could get away with a late dinner, your chances of a short wait increase, especially if you go before closing.

You can avoid the wait all together by cooking her a meal at home.

In fact, this could earn you more points with the Mrs. Make it extra special by taking the meal outside (weather permitting).

Think blanket, outdoor cushions, string lights and candles for maximum romance. Either that or jazz up your dining room table with some of these elements.

Now, we’re crossing our fingers for you and wishing you the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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