Man wearing Corduroy blazer

Wear This: Corduroy This workwear fabric is experiencing an upgrade

Corduroy is a simple way to add texture to your ensemble. This fabric not only gives off a vintage feel, but it also has a velvety, ribbed surface that makes the material soft yet durable. While this fabric is often associated with being worn by old college professors and Woody Allen, corduroy has come back with a vengeance as a stylish material that any man (including you!) can wear.

What Is Corduroy?


Corduroy is a textile that has twisted fibers that form the distinct pattern of a ‘cord,’ hence its name. Evolved from the ancient Egyptian cotton weave called fustian, corduroy has pretty much been worn throughout history. Today, the material is most commonly comprised of tufted cords, which reveals a channel between each tuft. The fabric can be thought of as a rigid form of velvet, which has multiple cords laid parallel to each other and stitched together. This is considered a very durable cloth that can be found in clothing such as jackets, shirts, and pants.

How to Wear It

Corduroy is considered a casual look, but it is getting more formal with today’s different interpretations of the material. The perfect time to wear this material is during the fall/winter months because of how thick the fabric is, but feel free to wear it year-round if the weather permits. Pair your corduroy with smooth, solid garments so the texture of the material can really stand out. Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate corduroy into your look.



Break away from wearing jeans every once in awhile by grabbing a pair of corduroy pants, which will keep you warmer and add some intrigue to your outfit. Sport your corduroy pants with a denim or chambray button-up for an easy fall casual look.

Our Pick: EXPRESS Slim Fit Corduroy Pant, $59.90

Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


A corduroy button-up is not only comfortable to wear, but also serves as a refreshing change from your standard cotton or poly blends. Corduroy shirts are great because they are durable, breathable, and get softer over time. A corduroy button-up is a great piece of clothing that you can wear casually to work, the movies, or even a dinner party. The fit of this particular shirt is everything. Having a fitted corduroy button-up has a sleeker and more put-together look compared to a baggy fit that can make you look frumpy and add bulkiness to your frame.

Our Pick: Uniqlo Men Corduroy Long Sleeve Shirt, $29.90



Corduroy gives the average suit a much more laid back feel. The rugged, textured material offers a more relaxed and approachable look that can be worn in any kind of casual setting. While corduroy is now available in a wide variety of colors, earth tones are the way to go when picking out a corduroy suit. A corduroy suit can pair with virtually any dress shirt, or you could throw it on over a t-shirt for a nice smart casual aesthetic. Wear your corduroy suit to work and rock suit separates on the weekends to get the most mileage out of it.

Admittedly, corduroy suits can be hard to come by, especially off the rack. Your best bet for obtaining a corduroy suit is by going bespoke or ordering one made-to-measure.

Our Pick: Make Your Own Jeans, $225.00

With its distinctive pattern, this textured material is not only eye-catching, but also very comfortable to wear. Whether you rock a pair of corduroy pants or a full-on corduroy suit, this fabric will add a little something extra that will garner some totally warranted compliments and set you apart from your peers.

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