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Wear This: Shearling The rugged style that will keep you warm this winter

Men's Shearling Image; How to Wear Shearling

Shearling has finally broken free of its early 70’s connotations as cowboy attire and made a comeback. Honestly, it’s about time. Capable of keeping you incredibly warm and stylish all at the same time, shearling is one of the greatest winter materials there is. With that being said, styling shearling can be tricky. If not done right, you can wind up looking like a piece of insulation rather than a well-dressed man. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Picking the Right Shearling Piece

Shearling is one of those items that doesn’t come cheap. If it does, then chances are the quality of it is questionable and it’s not worth buying. Like denim, shearling–when taken care of–gets better with age. So, plan to spend a little more on a quality shearling piece. They can run you anywhere from around $150 to much more. Don’t worry though, a great shearling piece will last you for years.

Different Types of Shearling Jackets

There are various types of shearling jacket styles. Jackets come either fully lined with shearling or simply placed along the collar. The difference means one keeps you warm through the worst winter can throw at you while the other is better for milder climates. There are also designs with contrast detailing, where the shearling is accentuated along the outside of the jacket. This might not keep you as warm but it can definitely look cool. Shearling combines effortless style with the ruggedness of the outdoors, making it just as good for a casual outfit as it is bracing yourself against the cold. Brands like Carhartt have exceptional shearling jackets for those guys who are outdoors all day while Sandro has ones for the guy looking for something more refined.  

How to Take Care of your Shearling

Shearling is an investment, and there’s nothing more pointless than dropping some serious money and then letting your jacket get worn down. Shearling is susceptible to stains very easily, so waterproof it with a silicone spray. Then, let your jacket dry naturally and don’t even think about getting it close to your dryer. If you do happen to need more intense cleaning, seek professional help and head to a dry cleaner.

Two Ways to Wear 

Outfit 1

There’s no doubt that shearling is an eye-catching piece, so keep the rest of your outfit played down to balance things out. Pair with simple t-shirts and a well-fitting pair of jeans. If you want to dress it up for a night out, swap out the t-shirt for a chambray button-down and some casual trousers.

How to Wear

Outfit Grid; How To Wear Shearling

Shearling Jacket, Topman $120 | Broken In Mens T-Shirt, J Crew $24.50 | Cheap Monday Black Jeans, Nordstrom’s $90 | Bellfield Leather Chelsea Boots, ASOS $105

Outfit 2

Looking to stay extra warm this winter? Pair your shearling coat with a sweater underneath. This’ll insulate your body heat and creates a great layering look.  

How to Wear

Outfit Grid 2; How To Wear Shearling

Wood Packer Coat, Filson $495 | Roll Neck Sweater, Hawes and Curtis $79 | Selvedge Jeans, UNIQLO $49.90 | Aldo Galesian Oxford, DSW $54.95 | Italian Oiled Leather Belt, UNIQLO $29.90

This winter, men’s fashion has revived shearling once again to keep us warm. While maybe only recently regaining mainstream notoriety, the shearling jacket is an ageless look. Pairing well with most things already in your wardrobe and great for layering, shearling is a great choice for your next coat or jacket. 

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