When you think of tweed, if it rings any bells at all, it’s probably of stuffy boarding school teachers and Sherlock Holmes.  While tweed may have been the staple of British men years past, it has made a new and fresh resurgence.   Quickly becoming a winter staple, tweed is definitely something to incorporate into your style.  

What is Tweed?

What is Tweed?

Born in Scotland in the early eighteenth century, tweed emerged as a trend for the outdoors men of the highlands.  Combining material that was both durable and insulating, it’s no surprise that it was adopted by hunters and farmers throughout Great Britain.  The close-knit construction of tweed  made it both water- and wind-resistant.  As its popularity grew, tweed became a go-to material for sportsmen, and eventually was adopted into everyday wear.  

Different Types of Tweed

Plain Tweed


Plain tweed relies on simple lines and district stripes.  As its name suggest, it’s the most readily available tweed out there in part due to its versatility.



Herringbone adopts a V-shape design, creating a distinctly textured look.



Houndstooth is made up of broken check designs and loosely resembles the teeth of a dog, as its name suggests.



Finally overcheck tweed, also known as estate tweed, combines herringbone patterns with windowpane-like checks.  

Three Ways to Style

Dressed Down

Tweed is a heavy material but that doesn’t mean that it has to be confined to strictly formal looks.  Picking up a tweed blazer can give you the best of what tweed has to offer. Tweed blazers are perfect for a night out or a casual day at the office, especially because they look great in pretty much any color.  Offset the bold patterns and textures of tweed with a simple neutral t-shirt and some jeans.


Tweed Blazer, Scotch and Soda $295 | Chinos, H&M $30 | Longline Sweater, Topman $30

Dressed Up

Although tweed has come back into style it doesn’t mean that every tweed look is going to work.  To avoid looking too rigid and dated, opt for earthy tweed suits.  Colors like browns, grays and greens are ideal.  The look is classically formal but still bold enough to make you stand out from the armies of black suit-wearing drones.  


Ludlow Suit Jacket in Donegal Tweed, J. Crew $425 | Everyday Chambray Shirt, Taylor Stitch $118 | Katy Tie, Ties.com $20

As Outerwear

Tweed excels in outerwear.  That is what it was originally made for.  Capable of keeping you warm during the coldest winter nights while still being extremely stylish, overcoats see tweed at its best.  Keep in mind that tweed is a bold garment material.  Pair tweed overcoats with simple outfits to really make the coat standout.  In addition, aim for colors like charcoal or gray as they’ll work with pretty much anything you have in your wardrobe without overpowering it.


Tweed Overcoat, Michael by Michael Kors $210 | Bluffside Shirt, Patagonia $79 | V-Neck Sweater, J. Crew Factory $30 | Striped Scarf, Ties.com $25 | Flat Front Chinos, Uniqlo $40

Versatile and durable, tweed is one material that should not be overlooked.  Go out and find a tweed piece to add to your wardrobe.  You might just end up being the warmest and most stylish guy at your office (and people will, understandably, be jealous).  

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