Blue Tropical Wool Suit

Wear This: Tropical Wool Yes, there's a way to wear wool when it's warm out

Wearing a suit in warmer weather is a challenge for sure.  You want to make sure you look appropriate for the occasion, but you don’t want to overheat either.  Lucky for us, tropical wool is here to solve this unfortunate problem.  

What Is Tropical Wool?

Tropical wool, also referred to as summer weight wool, is a lightweight wool.  It can be classified as lightweight because it has larger gaps in the weave than other wools, making the material airier and more breathable.  This material is meant to combat heat, so it is often your best bet when dressing up in warmer weather.  It lets air come through and actually helps your body absorb and evaporate moisture, keeping any perspiration problems at bay.   Another perk is that it doesn’t wrinkle as easily as other suit materials and it is still sturdy, despite its lightweight quality.

When Should You Wear it?

To A Summer/Outdoor Wedding

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An outdoor wedding is a beautiful thing, but dressing for one?  Not so much.  A tropical wool suit will help you combat the heat so that you can stay cool and fresh from the “I do’s” all the way through till the end.  Try a grey pinstripe suit because the lighter color will absorb less sun and you can have fun styling it with other cool colors and patterns.  

At Work


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Tropical Wool Suit

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Unfortunately for a lot of us, work doesn’t stop in the warmer months.  On top of that, we have to keep our look professional and office-appropriate, which is even more difficult when it’s sweltering outside.  A black or navy blue tropical wool suit is your best bet for your day to day work wardrobe.  They are comfortable and will let any and all air get through so you can stay as cool as possible while you grind out your work day.

On a Date


When it’s hot out and you have a date to go to, dressing up can be challenging. Layers are tough when you’re going on a date, especially if you’re nervous. You don’t want anything causing you to sweat more than you already (probably) are. Try a tropical wool suit and a white tee or button-up for a classic look that’s breathable and light.

Tropical wool can really be a lifesaver.  It keeps you cool and fits the vibe of anything from a casual date to a formal meeting. So if you’re unsure where to look when shopping for your next favorite suit, consider this particular fabric. It won’t steer you wrong.

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