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What Color Socks Go With Black Shoes?

Have trouble figuring out the perfect sock color to go with your black shoes? 

The great thing about black shoes is that they allow for a wide range of sock colors no matter the style of show you plan to wear. 

Whether you need to dress up for the board meeting or go to the theater and fine restaurant with the family, you can look stylish and confident for the entire day. 

Let’s check out what color socks go with black shoes.

Top 3 Sock Colors with Black Shoes

Black Socks
Black Socks

1. Black Socks with Black Shoes

There is never too much black if you want to wear black socks with black shoes. 

Black socks are versatile and can basically go with a wide range of shoe colors, including brown shoes and even white shoes. 

Taking on a monochromatic look with black socks and black shoes can make you seem elegant and fashionable when wearing black dress pants, a black satin shirt and a jacket for men, or a short dress or skirt for women.

If you are not comfortable wearing solid black socks with dark shoes, you may decide to wear ones that feature a colored pattern, such as stripes, polka dots, or even floral patterns. 

Then you can take color cues from the socks and wear shirts and pants that match to complete the look.

Grey Socks
Grey Socks

2. Grey Socks with Black Shoes

Grey socks are that nice neutral color that allows you to mix and match clothing choices. 

The color grey has many hues and tones, from dark grey to a light grey that almost looks like white marble.

Due to such a wide selection, you can come up with different types of attire that work perfectly with this ensemble. 

Consider navy pants with dark grey socks, or striped gray socks with a solid grey outfit or a pinstripe suit.

Dark Blue Socks
Dark Blue Socks

3. Dark Blue Socks with Black Shoes

Dark blue socks give a hint of subtlety without giving up your style or having it blend into the rest of your attire. 

Navy sock may give the appearance that your wearing black socks until that flash of light reveals their true color. 

The make both black shoes and lighter colored pants such as khakis or skirts stand out on their own without overpowering either piece of attire.

When it comes to wearing dark blue socks, you can either style this color up or down.

You may go through the traditional blue argyle socks for business attire or have some fun with patterns and bright colors to make your navy socks pop out.

Other Sock Colors to match with Black Shoes

Don’t be afraid to think outside the sock drawer when it comes to picking different colors for your socks when wearing black shoes. 

You want to find your style that fits into the occasion whether you are traveling, relaxing with the family, or going to an important business meeting. 

Here are other ideas for sock colors when selecting dark shoes.

Light Blue Socks
Light Blue Socks

1. Light Blue Socks with Black Shoes

If you noticed a pattern when it comes to the color blue, you are correct. Light blue socks go just as well with black socks as dark navy blue

While dark colors compliment black shoes, light colors offer contrast, making shoes and clothing pop out and be noticed for their good qualities.

Light blue socks work well with shades of gray, darker blue, and black color attire. 

You’ll have to decide on the pants, shirt or skirt based on the occasion, whether you want to dress up with dress slacks or down with blue jeans.

Beige Socks
Beige Socks

2. Neutral Socks with Black Shoes

Neutral colors are muted in hue. We often think of them as colors such as beige, tan, cream, and grey. 

Yet they can also include some muted and earthy colors of greens and browns, such as olive green or chocolate brown.

These sock colors work well with black shoes when wearing colors such as olive, gray, navy, or black attire. 

However, if you are going more towards brown or khaki type of attire, you may want to switch over to wearing brown shoes.

Have fun with neutral colors. While solid colors work well for formal or semi-casual attire, patterned socks speak of your fun and playful side.

White Socks
White Socks

3. Light Colored Socks with Black Shoes

Light colored socks include everything from pastel socks and muted colored socks to white socks

When matched with black shoes, they make the shoes pop out to the eye. 

So if you just bought a brand new pair of dress shoes or black sneakers, the lighter tones of the socks will make the shoes the centerpiece of the outfit.

Pastel socks work well with grey and black attire. Meanwhile, white socks go with anything, as they go with most women’s and most men’s wardrobes. 

Light solid colors look great with light-colored pants or slacks, such as slightly rolled up khakis.

Dark Color Socks
Dark Color Socks

4. Dark Colored Socks with Black Shoes

Dark colored socks allow you to go bold with colors. Whether you love dark burgundies, bright purples, or rich browns, dark colors can go well with black shoes. 

Yet you will have to decide whether you want the socks to blend into the outfit or stand out. Usually darker color attire helps to make a complete outfit. 

If wearing lighter clothing, you’ll have to compare the socks, shoes, and clothing to see if they go well together.

So what color socks go with black shoes? Have fun with it! Spice up your sock drawer with a range of colors and see which ones go with the best outfits.

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