Clothing to wear for a night out

What to Wear On a Night Out Let's get ready to mingle

Why do you go out on weekends? Is it catching up with friends, experiencing a new place or activity, or simply relaxing?

Sure, it’s all of that. But it’s also about meeting new people–and possible romantic interests–isn’t it? Otherwise, you’d be setting up camp on the couch with Netflix and a delivery pizza.

For a night on the town, you want to look attractive and approachable. You want to be brimming with confidence, so you won’t feel shy about walking up to a crush and saying “hi.”

So, here it is…

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The GentleManual’s Guide for what to wear on a night out

what to wear to an upscale club

What to Wear to an Upscale Club

We like floral prints because delicate touches hint at an appetite for refinement. At an upscale club, you’ll want to look polished and urbane, though not professional. Sure, give off that “had client meetings all week” energy, but remember, you’re here to have fun and mingle. You aren’t a corporate drone, so ditch the suit and whole shebang and opt instead for a relaxed blazer and some sheeny dress shoes.

what to wear to a dive bar

What to Wear to a Dive Bar

Dive bars are where the down-to-earth folks go to chill. It’s all about good drinks and conversation. You’ll want to look like you’re adventurous in a laidback way–like you’ve got stories to tell but you’re not planning on wilding out tonight.

Impress the crowd by looking a little more put together than the average t-shirt and jeans joe, but keep it minimal overall. Try a chambray or flannel button-down and a simple leather wristwatch. Boat shoes are perfect for dive bars because they’re a dash of prep but mostly mellow. If you’re going to wear them, make sure you have on no-show socks.

what to wear to a hipster bar

What to Wear to a Hipster Bar

Here’s where all the cute girls with big personalities go, and better yet, they have an appreciation for oddities. Show off your charisma and your aversion to the norm, but don’t overdo it. There’s no need for clown wigs.

Subtle prints and patterns do just fine in signaling quirk and individuality. Love avocado? Show it on your socks, or in the color of your pants. If you’re feeling audacious, you can even mix “vintage” accessories like suspenders with your modern get-up. Converse hightops are the ultimate hipster footgear–they’re different but still DGAF, like you’re not trying too hard. Because everyone knows a hipster’s worst nightmare is to appear as if he’s trying.

what to wear to a hip hop edm club

What to Wear to a Hip-Hop/Electronic Music Club

Who are we kidding? You’re here to party. And tees with funky graphic art are sure to invite one or more “Omg, i loooove your shirt!” exclamations that you’ll probably take kindly to.

Show off your edge by repping streetwear brands, and wear beads to demonstrate your “wokeness.” You’re all good vibes and prayer hand emojis.

what to wear to an art gallery

What to Wear to an Art Gallery

You’re sophisticated, you’re v cultured, and you’re well-versed in all things post-modern. Even if you’re not, you can fake it–as are at least 20% of the others in attendance.

Chelsea boots are choice footwear by our standards. They’re versatile and sleek, and being part of British mod fashion, they’re also quite posh. Perhaps you’ll even wear a paint splotch printed shirt to look particularly Pollock circa 1949.

what to wear to a night market

What to Wear to a Night Market

Are you the modern man? The one who’s informed and sensitive and into trying new things like vegan food fests, cultural events, and art walks? Well, look the part and you may even meet a succulent-loving cutie who’s down to take you to Oktoberfest or a Lunar New Year celebration.

Nothing expresses wholesome good taste like a cable knit sweater. Plus the additional layers will prove helpful when you accidentally drip mole sauce on yourself. Night markets are intended for lively streets, so you’ll of course be wearing some cool sneakers.

what to wear to a house party

What to Wear to a House Party

Now’s your chance to impress someone on a deeper level. For the most part, everyone at a house party will either be a friend or a friend of a friend. Your presentation should be on trend but affable, inviting conversations about music, movies, aspirations, and hobbies.

We love color blocking because it’s a super simple modern aesthetic, and a cozy jumper is perfect for any at-home gathering. You’ll still want to impress though, so show off some fancy footwear. And if it’s a “shoes-off household,” make sure you’re equipped with some compliment-worthy socks.

what to wear to a music concert

What to Wear to a Music Concert

A music concert is somewhere between ritzy club and EDM party in terms of formality. You may be seeing a popular artist whom many bought tickets to weeks or months in advance. A concert is a special occasion. However, you’re still expected to dance silly and shout along to your favorite tracks.

A nice button-down and clean denim jeans are a great starting point. Then you’ll want to accessorize with wearables that match the modernity of those tricked out stage lights. Add a pop of color with some neon laces, or even, kandi bracelets.

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