What to Wear to a Beach Wedding: 8 Tips for Men

The draw of a beach wedding is obvious, the romantic scenery, the warm sunshine, and the cool ocean breeze, but what is not obvious is how a man should dress for a beach wedding. Dressing for any wedding can be complicated, but when you have to account for factors such as sand and the hot sun, it makes choosing a wardrobe much more difficult. You have to be practical in deciding what to wear, think about not only how your outfit is going to look, but how it is going to feel to wear it at the beach all day.

While finding the right outfit can be tricky, it is also a great opportunity to flex your style and to leave a great impression of yourself on the other guests. Beach weddings are usually less formal than your typical wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can show up in trunks and a T-shirt. If you want to dazzle the crowd with your style, then it’s all about finding that perfect balance between casual and formal. Here are eight great tips will help you find the perfect look for a beach wedding: 

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1. Lose the Tuxedo

Wearing a tuxedo is a no-brainer at a typical wedding, but at a beach ceremony you are likely to stick out like a sore thumb. Tuxedos can be uncomfortable and clash with the care-free vibes that are present at a beach wedding. You should opt for something a little more relaxed, perhaps a blazer and a shirt or even just a long sleeved button down shirt. With the hot weather it might be tempting to dress all the way down to wearing a short sleeved shirt but it’s always better to just go with a long sleeve shirt that’s lightweight. 

Man in sunglasses, dress shirt, and tie

2. Select a Stylish, yet Comfortable Shoe

Much like the rest of your outfit, picking the right shoe is about finding the sweet spot between formal and casual. You don’t want to show up in sandals but you definitely don’t want to show up in a pair of oxfords either. When selecting a shoe, you should stay away from leather or any other rigid material because it will be uncomfortable and clash with the rest of your outfit. 

It’s best to go with a lighter colored shoe with a solid design rather than something intricate. These slip-ons are a great example of what to wear, their design is simple, yet sleek, and aren’t a shoe that you would mind wearing in the sand.

3. Rock Some No-Show Socks

Don’t be afraid to show some skin with a pair of no-show socks, they will be a great compliment to the shoes you picked out. A pair of no-show socks perfectly capture the laid back atmosphere of a beach wedding and offer you a great chance to show off that tan you’ve been working on all summer!

4. Light Colors are the Way to Go

A beach wedding location usually means that you have a lot more freedom when it comes to adhering to the standard norms of a wedding. We’ve already established that you shouldn’t wear a tux to this wedding, but you should also stay away from dark colored suits and shirts. Dark colors will make you stand out in a bad way and clash with coastal scenery. Some colors that will make you stand out in a good way are cream, beige, or anything pastel.

Man in beige suit with blue tie

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5. Pick the Right Shades

Sunglasses are the number one accessory you need to have if you’re attending a beach wedding, they offer functionality and a great chance to show off your sense of style. You want your glasses to compliment your look and not be a distraction, so avoid glasses with colorful, reflective lenses. Styles such as wayfarers and aviators are perfect glasses for a beach wedding because they offer great protection for your eyes but still look classy. Different styles of sunglasses tend to look different depending on the shape of your face, so you should check out this great guide on how to pick the perfect pair based on your face shape.

Wayfarer sunglasses on the beach

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6. Wear Something Lightweight

Picking the right fabric for your suit or shirt is essential for comfortability at a beach wedding. Wedding ceremonies can be long and you do not want to be baking in the sun all day wearing something heavy and uncomfortable. Cotton and linen are light, breathable fabrics you can wear to a beach wedding but you should make sure that you can move around in whatever you are wearing and that it isn’t too restrictive.

7. Sport a Flashy Tie

Beach weddings are a great occasion to dress down but if there’s one area of your wardrobe that you’re allowed to go over the top with, it’s with your tie. Drop the boring monochromatic tie you usually wear to weddings and break out your brightest, flashiest tie, because there is no better time to wear it. It’s not often that you get to attend a wedding that isn’t a black tie event but most beach weddings aren’t, so take advantage of the opportunity and go with something that will help you stand out among the crowd. A bright colored tie or one with an intricate design are great picks for the vibes of a beach wedding. 

Man in suit with floral tie

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 8. Go with a Natural Hairstyle

The slicked back hair-do might be a good choice for an indoor wedding, but if the beach is the designated venue, we suggest going with a more natural look. The sun is always a factor at the beach and one of the worst things that can happen to you is to have melted gel running down the side of your face. If you are going to a beach wedding you should try to avoid hair products as much as you can and when you can’t, avoid the thicker gel types. 

A wavy, textured hairstyle will have you fitting right into the aura of a beach wedding and it can be a difficult look to pull off. One way to get that beachy look you are going for is to use a sea spray product. Sea spray helps give your hair a natural wave and you can usually find some brands for around twenty dollars. Here is a great guide on which sea spray products are best for you and how to use them.

At a normal wedding you might have the impulse to go to the barbershop the day before for a fresh cut but you might want to rethink that strategy with a beach wedding. Don’t worry if your hair is a little bit shaggy around the edges as this look will suit you perfectly at a beach wedding. As long as your hair isn’t so unkept that it’s a distraction from the rest of your outfit, you’re good to go.

Man looking down at tie

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When it comes to dressing for a beach wedding it is all about finding that perfect balance between casual and formal. A beach wedding will usually be more casual than most ceremonies however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress. If you are planning on attending a beach wedding, you should definitely follow the tips above if you want to leave a mark and have the other guests questioning if it really was your first.

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