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What Your Favorite Tie Knot Says About You Tie it right, tie it tight

If you’ve ever searched for different types of tie knots, you know that there’s a lot of veritable options out there. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, from the classics to the more adventurous types.

Sometimes, the type of knot you choose will depend on the thickness of your tie’s fabric.

However, we know most of you are skilled in the art of tying a tie. You have a favorite knot. A go-to, if you will.

Each knot has characteristics that make it different from the next. As a result, they each say something different about their wearer.

We’ve complied a list of the most popular tie knots, and what each knot reveals about the man behind it.

Read on to discover what each knot implies–who knows, you might even learn something new about the way you dress.

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Four in Hand

The popular, classic knot.

A man wearing a tie with a four in hand knot
Four in Hand Tie Knot

Polka Dot Plum Knit Skinny Tie

Here comes the redefinition of the Polka Dot tie. The plum skinny tie will be a hit anywhere you wear it.

You’re an on-the-go gentleman. You’re the kind of guy that’s always got something going on.

Hell, your weekends were probably planned as far back as last month.

You’re always looking for what’s next, so even a tie knot can’t occupy too much of your time. 

You spend a lot of your life dressed up, so you need a knot that fits the bill.

When it comes to your career, it's your priority, and a Four in Hand is familiar yet refined--so you know you can't go wrong. 

But, at the same time, you work hard to play hard. You are as social as they come, making friends along every one of your well-dressed journeys.


The traditional knot.

What Your Favorite Tie Knot Says About You, the windsor
Traditional Tie Knot

Ben Aqua Extra Long Tie

Looking for a pop of color? Stop the search here. The aqua Ben extra long tie is sure to become the foundation of your wardrobe.

This is the knot that your dad taught you (or would have, if he was the tie type). You stick to the classics.

You’re all about having balance in all aspects of your life, from your work to your personal time. 

Your friends come to you for advice, and you usually have plenty to give.

When it comes to your style, it’s reminiscent of Mad Men. And, much like Don Draper and his colleagues, you’re unapologetically charismatic.

Adventurous Knot (A.K.A. The Eldrege, Trinity, Murrell, etc.)

The memorable knot.

A man wearing a tie with adventurous knots
Adventurous Knots

You’re the experimental type. You’re patient, too. Much like these knots, you’re about the details.

You are a nonconformist, always marching to the beat of your own drum.

You’re always looking to be one step ahead of the game.

As a result, you’re not afraid to take risks–go big, or go home, as they say.

You crave excitement, and will seek it out in even the littlest of things. Your tie knot, for example.

So, whether you're taking a sartorial chance or taking on your next life-changing escapade, you can rest assured that you're doing it with the same adventurous style that got you this far in life.

Bow Tie

The quirky knot.

A man wearing a bow tie
Quirky knot – Bow tie

Skull And Polka Dot Light Gray Self-tie Bow Tie

What happens when you mix our signature unique styles and commitment to quality? You get the Skull & Polka Dots tie. We promise you won’t find another style like this, even if you search the Seven Seas.

First off, hats off to you for mastering this knot. We like to think of you as the trendsetter.

You are not one to blend in, and you use your wardrobe to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

And as a result, you not only know things, you also look like you do, to boot.

Confidence radiates off of you, and this can either be a good or bad thing, but you take it in stride. After all, the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. 

You are happy with yourself and you, sir, like making other people happy too.

More often than not, you’re the one hosting parties, as opposed to simply attending them.

An entertainer and a risk-taker, you are as fun to be around as you are sartorially inclined.

Your choice of clothing says volumes about your personality, down to the knot you choose to tie on your neck.  

By wearing a tie, you’re already miles ahead of the game. Be true to yourself, and your style, gentlemen.  The world will note it.

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