What Style of Facial Hair Fits You? Pick the right facial fur to match your personality

Another extension of style that is often overlooked is your scruffy mug. Sporting some beefy chops or an artistic mustache may be the one add-on that transcends your look into something special. Unfortunately, facial hair isn’t for every man. You have to take a lot of natural factors into consideration when choosing to commit or attempt a brave new look with your stubble.The GentleManual is here to guide you through this tumultuous terrain.

The GentleManual is here to guide you through this tumultuous terrain.


The mustache has been a strong man’s go-to accessory for quite a while now. Albert Einstein, every Wild West icon you can think of, and Burt Reynolds to name a few. To sport the stache, there are a few questions you have to ask yourself, such as: Do you want a more artistic look like Salvador Dali or will this be your claim to manliness? If the stache is not done right, you risk looking creepy. First of all, find out if you have the ability to grow a mustache since not everyone does.  Know that the focus will shift to your mouth, so good teeth and lips with a strong chin are necessary.


This look has been perfected by so many as a slightly edgy yet conservative take on facial hair. Really making good guy look a little bad, and bad guys look a little more sinister. You need to have a decent jawline to pull of this look. A goatee accentuates the jawline creating an elevated perception, which if you have a weak jawline, can be to a disadvantage to you.

Full Beard

Ah, such a wise and esteemed look of many. The beard is pretty versatile; you can go with an almost completely unshaven look and get your “lost in the woods” thing going, or you can embrace the classic look and trim the cheeks and neck accordingly. To get the most out of your beard, where the neck and under part of your chin meet is your shave line. Anything trimmed thinner is a subjective call. But be careful, you don’t want to spend a few weeks growing out your scruff to trim too much and have to start over. Remember with a beard, less is more.

Foo Man Choo

A Foo Manchu doesn’t increase quarterback pass accuracy, but it does look like it means business. Traditionally this Foo Manchu look was that of an evil criminal genius, who just so happened to be Asian, in British Author Sax Rohmer’s series of novels that picked up popularity and notoriety for the signature facial hair. Over time, this look has become synonymous with criminals and badasses. Adhering to traditional practices, this look is often mistaken for a standard handlebar mustache. However, the Foo Manchu is an extended off-the-face, downward groomed mustache. As with the goatee, strong jawlines really work best with this look.

Soul Patch

Here’s one thing I’ve noticed about Soul Patches: If someone has a one and pulls it off, they tend to stick with it for a while. It’s almost like saying, “I want facial hair, but want my face to be seen too.” It’s a pretty standard look for plenty of Hollywood celebs but really requires the right attitude. You’ve got to have a little bit of soul to rock the Soul Patch.

Gus Penton

Gus Penton is a writer for ‘The Gentlemanual’ and a freelance digital marketing consultant.He treats life as if it were an extended working vacation, loves everything surfing, and learning about other cultures. Gus is also a Florida State University graduate. Go Noles!