Men wearing short shorts

Who Wears Short Shorts? Are you be brave enough to wear this latest fashion trend?

Women have traditionally had the upper-hand when it comes to getting wild with fashion, but the rules are continuously changing to allow us fellas to get more adventurous.

Take men’s shorts, which are on their way up in both popularity and hem lines.

The almighty runways have declared this staple item will be getting shorter and shorter – and patterned or solid – color is a must this spring.

While shorts may not (yet) be suitable for the office, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be worn with a blazer if you’re setting out to make a statement.

Just ask designer Thom Browne, who stated during Paris Fashion Week, “In my world, shorts are always appropriate.”

It’s not just high fashion guys having all the fun – Chubbies is a “shorts only” designer with pieces priced under $50, reminiscent of the short shorts of the 1980s.

Will you be unveiling those kneecaps this summer gents?

Michael Bastian -
Michael Bastian
Billy Reid -
Billy Reid
Raf Simons -
Raf Simons
Thom Browne -
Thom Browne
Craig Arend for The New York Times
Craig Arend for The New York Times

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