Winter is the best time of year when it comes to dressing up.  In the cold months, menswear knows no bounds.  With the holidays around the corner, now’s a better time than ever to grab some great items to upgrade the rest of your winter wardrobe.  With so many options out there, we thought we’d narrow things down. Here are our top winter picks to add to your closet before the year is up.

Best Bomber Jacket: The MA-1 from Alpha Industries


Reminiscent of the traditional bomber, the MA 1 bomber from Alpha Industries hearkens back to the past while keeping the designs current.  Made of nylon, the jacket is waterproof and perfect for staying stylish during unpredictable weather.

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Best Coat: The Camel Peacoat from Noose and Monkey


The men’s coat has often been associated with stuffy, out of date men’s fashion.  However, don’t listen to the naysayers. Coats are a classic piece that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  The camel peacoat from Noose and Monkey plays with the traditional coat shape by slimming down the fit and adding in some unconventional color.  

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Best Sweater: The Merino Crew Neck from Patagonia


Patagonia has long been known to make some of the best quality, long-lasting menswear out there.  Their merino crew neck sweater combines all the things that make Patagonia’s products great, like versatility, comfort, and warmth.  Even better, these sweaters come in a bunch of different colors so there’s no excuse not to find one that works for you.

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Best Scarf: The Gray Baltimore Heathered Scarf from


For those extra cold days or when you just want to throw something on to stay warm, a scarf should be your go-to. The Gray Baltimore Heathered scarf from is the perfect quick fix. The heathered gray color lends itself well to almost any outfit, making it a easy addition to your winter rotation.

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Best Parka: The Nordic Down Parka from J Crew


For those exceptionally cold winter days, the parka is the way to go.  Combining style with efficiency, the J Crew Nordic Down Parka is our top pick.  Like all of J Crew’s products, the quality makes this jacket worth the investment.  Its classic style will fit right in in your wardrobe for years to come.  

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Best Boots: The Classic Moc Boot from Red Wing


Made for freezing weather, the Red Wing Classic Moc Boot stands out in this years men’s shoes for their unison between style and functionality.  Its design is both practical and stylish.  These boots can take you from the slopes to the office, making them an essential for everyday winter wear.  

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Best Jeans: The Selvedge Skinny Jeans from Uniqlo


Stylish and comfortable, Uniqlo’s Selvedge jeans are perfect for winter.  Pair them with darker colors and these jeans will be a winter staple of yours for years to come.  

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