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How to Workout For Your Body Type Choosing the workout plan that's best for you

Have you been sticking to your workout goals this year? Have you gotten what to pack to the gym down to a science? Are you seeing the results you want? Maybe you’ve spent the first couple weeks of the new year pumping iron to no avail. What if I told you that it might not be your fault.  

Scientists and trainers agree that there are three main body types.  These range from the lean ectomorph to athletic mesomorph to the high body fat endomorph. Each of these body types requires different training and diet to maximize their results. Don’t know which type you are? Or maybe you want to know which workout is best for your body type. Well don’t worry, we’ve broken down each type for you and how to maximize those hours spent in the gym.

Workout Body Types

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Are you the naturally skinny type? Do you seem to stay the same weight no matter what you eat? Then you’re probably an ectomorph.  Ectomorphs have very high metabolisms and process food into energy rapidly.

If you’re looking to put on mass and muscle, steer clear of long distance runs.  Heavy amounts of cardio will only encourage your supercharged metabolism. Instead, increase your time lifting.  Gravitate towards compound moves that’ll hit as many of your muscle groups as possible. Additionally, you have to eat. I mean eat a lot. Chances are that if you’re an ectomorph, you’re not getting nearly enough food. You should be aiming to get around 3000 calories a day.  So hit the gym and eat up.


Are you a mesomorph? Are you naturally fit? Do workouts seem to show quick results? If so, lucky you. Mesomorphs put on muscle the easiest out of these three types.  They also are naturally able to gain and lose weight with relative ease.

While mesomorphs may have it easy, they can overly rely on their naturally athletic build and fall out of shape.  Mesomorphs still need to workout to stay in shape. These workouts need to be focused to create a well-built physique.  That means no skipping leg day.

You should be aiming for consistent workouts and healthy eating.  Your caloric intake should be around 2500. Lastly, emphasize power moves and sprints to capitalize on your already muscular build.  


Endomorphs are naturally bigger guys.  You tend to pack on muscle and unfortunately fat too. The bad news is that this fat tends to stick around. Usually, endomorphs will store their excess weight in their lower half (i.e their belly). Losing weight and staying fit takes the most dedication from endomorphs.

So how do you reach your goals? Endomorphs need to have a well-balanced workout plan and diet.  Weight training on the upper body emphasizes your best physical attributes while cardio and interval workouts burn stubborn fat.  As your diet is concerned, focus on lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and limited carbs. Your caloric intake is going to be much lower than the other body types, somewhere around 1700.  

A Note on Body Types

While experts agree that there are three body types, people usually don’t fit into just one category. Everybody is a combination of all three in some degree. Another thing to keep in mind is results are possible no matter your body type.  Whether you’re an ectomorph or an endomorph, you can get just as ripped as a mesomorph. No matter what, don’t get discouraged.

Don’t waste your workouts. Knowing your body type is paramount to reaching your goals. With some simple knowledge and quick tips, you can get started on turning your physic into exactly what you want it to be.

Let us know in the comments what workout routines work for you.

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