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Discovery Quiz: Find Your Perfect Haircut Choose a haircut based on your face shape, personal style, and hair texture.

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Whoever said that men have it easy when it comes to haircuts is probably the same person who believes there are two types of pants: long pants and shorts. Much like ties, there are, in fact, a myriad of men’s cuts and styles to choose from.

But in order to find your perfect haircut, you must take into account factors like face shape and hair texture, and of course, the type of vibe you want to give off. That’s why we’ve put together this flawless three-minute quiz with options ranging from buzzed to long hair, and everything in between:

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Maybe you’re a classic, no-frills type of guy, but you don’t have to shy away from subtle new looks. A spiffy haircut can make all the difference. Whether you work at a coffee shop, an auto repair shop, or a law office, details like the tapering of your sides and the angle of your cut can create a special impression.

Not sure which is your face shape? Check out the descriptions below:


Your face is nearly equal in length and width. You might choose to bring some definition with certain cuts that will make your face appear longer.


Your face is narrow without sharp edges. Most hairstyles will look good with an oval face, so you’ve lucked out. Though you may want to avoid bangs or fringes that will make your face appear more round.


Your face is longer than it is wide. Short haircuts tend to fair better, as longer cuts could further elongate your face. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t try a longer look.


Your face is angular, and you have a wide, prominent jaw. You could choose a softer cut that’s longer on top, or you can embrace the masculine look.


You have angular cheekbones and a prominent, pointed jaw. Similar to the square face shape, you could choose to soften your look with fringes. Though the diamond face shape is perfect for edgier looks like faux hawks.


You have a long face and a strong square jaw. You can round out your face with a fringe or bangs, that is, if you want a symmetrical look. But style isn’t always about symmetry, so remember that personal preferences and lifestyle are factors just as important as the shape of your face.

Share your results. Would you try the cut? Let us know why or why not.

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