Boys W Purpose how to tie a tie book

In collaboration with Style Guru Sunny Murthy, donated over 70 How to Tie a Tie (opens in new window) books and ties to a South Carolina elementary school club with the intent of teaching young kids to be gentlemen. The club, Boys with a Purpose, lives by the motto “look good, feel good, do good,” and we couldn’t’ agree with this sentiment more.


Rather than sending product directly to the elementary school, we sent the care package to Sunny in Blacksburg, VA, along with a note signed by every member of the team. Sunny and his friend took a 6-hour road trip to Charleston, SC to speak to and personally deliver the items to the students.


Boys W Purpose presentation

Boys W Purpose presenters

Although we didn’t get to attend this event ourselves, Sunny told us that the event was life-changing–both for him and his friend, the school staff, and the children. He told us in meant the world to these kids for people outside of their world to care about their future, and they even sent us a heart-warming video to say thanks. Of course, we were more than happy to help them stick to their motto.
To learn more about Boys with a Purpose and their mission, check out their Facebook page here (opens in new window).