Sports teams often dress up before a big game to instill camaraderie, define a bond, and–arguably most importantly–intimidate the competition. You see it a lot in the big leagues, but the same idea can be implemented for the same reasons at any level, right? We think so.


Enter Georgetown Middle School’s soccer team. Located in Delaware, this relatively small-sized middle school boasts a soccer team of sixth to eighth graders that are on a four-year winning streak with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. With that kind of a record, you’d think they’d want to dress up and wear their team (and school) colors with pride on game days, right? We think so. And so did Georgetown’s School Resource Officer Joey Melvin, who reached out to us about the team and brought them to our attention.


Georgetown Middle School students wearing bow ties

With his help, we delivered a care package to the team, complete with bow ties (in their school colors–blue and gold–of course), lapel pins, and how-to-tie-a-tie books to help them look sharp. Rather than simply distributing the ties to the students, Melvin took it one step further and turned it into a full-fledged presentation surrounding why dressing well can help lead to success–a message we can totally get behind.


Police officer tying tie on Georgetown middle school student


“You carry yourself differently when you dress well. I wanted them to know why it’s important to dress well,” said Melvin. “There is a camaraderie. There is unity. It is a way of letting the rest of the school know you are part of a team. And of course, there is pride.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, sir.



Georgetown Middle School students


To read more about our efforts with Georgetown Middle School, check out this article (opens in new tab) in the Sussex County Post.